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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Welcome to St Just

'oh to be in England now that April’s there'
 Our new house for a month whilst we try and settle into life in the UK and a brand new city

 The kitchen is little and only one person can stand in it at once, but it opens up to a massive lounge area
The living room is the living room of the grand old house, which is now a few different flats

The bedroom is very big, I think this must have been another front room in days gone by

Lots of room to get ready in the morning now that I have to work again!

The spare room should Daisy want some space!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Singapore to the UK

Pack our belongings, wave Daisy off, say goodbye to friends, have something to eat at friends, drive around the block waving to people, get to airport, get coffee, cry so much I feel sore, get to passports checked, get fitbit in duty free, get to gate, get on plane, fly to UK, get off plane, collect bags, collect hire car, collect Daisy dog, drive to Devon, stop – we’re starving – back on the road again, “oh look Stonehenge, why is everyone driving so slowly?”, find apartment, find key, find door to apartment, get in and put the kettle on.

Daisy being taken to the airport