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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The husband

Yet again we are in the midst of another gout attack. The husband is in so much pain and I can literally do nothing to help at all. The heated blanket is of more use than me, which is a pain as I see him in agony and all I can think is how I can hover around him. Things are a bit rubbish at the moment, work is being a pain (I love the patrons though), I'm saving for holidays and although I know it will be worth it-its such a pain being stony broke at the moment, plus-and this is the super big one, I am dreadfully jealous of any Mother I spot….terrible, I know.

Its not that I am a mean person devoid of compassion, I'm just terribly broody and having my teeny niece about me has only made me think of having a child of our own that would grow up with said niece. I do have another niece and nephew, however they are 16 and 13 respectively and we never expected to be an Aunty and Uncle again. Add that with the fact we thought WE’D be next for having a baby. URGH- I hate feeling like this. I do try to think of the fact that I am only 24 and so have plenty of time to become a Mother…I think I was born at the wrong time, I have always been ready for marriage and babies.

The husband has been absolute bedrock during this time, and I only wish I could now be there for him. Its horrible seeing him so sore he is nearly sick, I am just praying that he gets better and when he can walk again we’ll try to eat as healthy as possible and do anything we can to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

x x x

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Would you like to see some pretty things?

I bought these beautiful pictures from a thrift shop a little while ago now. Aren’t they lovely? I can never drag myself out of bed early enough - on a weekend where I am not expected to go to work – to go to a car boot sale. If I was assured I would get the same amount of lovely things later in the day I would happily wander around noseying in at all of the stalls, however I am not assured this, or anything of the sort, and so I am only really left the opportunity to go looking around various thrift shops.

This is a really cute Bunnykins picture i bought, i couldn't get a close up enough picture though that would come out all right!!  Its lovely and soft and floaty!

It is normally my plan to go and visit these each Thursday, as I finish work at twelve and I'm free to look around town for a little while until The City gets too much for me. I have got this down to a fine art, firstly I arrive in town and stop at one charity shop which normally has very good books in it, then I walk through the beautiful old Georgian houses (which have invariably been turned into offices), to get to the West End area and all of town which has three of the best shops-and I mean out of all shops- around!

They are positively jam packed with all manner of china, pictures, books, and old leather suitcases-one thing I simply can not get enough of!

On another visit I picked up a beautiful old jar, the kind that penny sweeties would have been kept in. Sadly it’s just OXO cubes now!

I have picked up more china than I can think of, let alone mention, but I will only show you a couple as I would write forever on that subject…and may possibly do later!

Sorry about the lack of ironing!!  I promise i will improve one day...but for now there is china out there i dont own!!
Bye for now, hope everyone is doing well!!!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Hooray, hooray, today’s a happy day!

Hooray, hooray, today’s a happy day!
 We have got our confirmation and paid everything for our trip to the Lakes! Well…I will need to save much more, and should probably have started saving much earlier, as I want to take a fair amount of spends for all of the lovely things I know I will see.

 Unfortunately in my immediate area there aren’t too many independent shops, and so I find myself going crazy for them as soon as see one. I know I went much too crazy at the Country Living Christmas Fair last year…but its no good telling me as I know I will do the same this year too.
Anyway, for now, I am much too happy about the Lakes. As our only get-away of the year I fully intend to get very much into it. Last year we were happy campers in the only week that wasn’t a complete wash out. My amazing husband does work right next door to the MET office, but he can take no pride in his ‘networking’ skills on this occasion, only his great luck. He simply announced two weeks before we bundled everything in the car that we were heading away.
Although I do admit I would much prefer it if he announced these things followed by tales of the peaceful bays and sandy beaches of the Med rather than stories of Army days gone by in the Lakes. Well, until I am whisked away on a foreign adventure I will do much more than ‘make do’ with the Lakes, I shall positively revel in them!

I am grateful I feel like this, as it would be so disappointing to only take pleasure in things that cost lots of money as I'm sure I would be in a constant state of dejection and despair. Or as the lovely Sophie Dahl put it-melancholy, oh I do love it when I'm reintroduced to a word! I adore her ‘language’.

Well guys I think I'm off to search lovely AND tearooms OR cupcakes now on my favourite search engine! Bye for now.

Monday, 3 May 2010


Its my Mother in Laws Birthday soon!! Hooray. Luckily I don’t have one of those scary Mother in Laws and I am grateful that we genuinely get along…and no, I promise I'm not just stating this for the purpose of BlogLand!

The husband and I put a lot of thought into this Birthday as its such a special year. Flowers, jewellery, chocolates – all things that went through my head. An experience, spa day, or trip - all rejected by the husband too. The more I look for things the more I spot things that I want and plan to buy myself over time, or request for my Birthday at the end of the month, however none of this is getting me very far. I am hoping that all of my kind deeds I may ever have done revisit me in the form of suggestions by lovely Aunts and Sister in Laws…oh well, fingers crossed!

We will be heading to The Old Mill Inn which is a fab place to eat, drink and be merry!  Its on the Lower Deeside Road which is a really pretty and leads to lots of lovely tea rooms out on the Western Road-so lots and lots of beautiful scenery!

Now I must get away and think about this further!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Time for tea?

As Winter slowly rolls into Spring-do I have to remind you it snowed here last week?- I find myself hurrying about like a caged animal. All I want to do is go out and walk. Hills, paths, roads, patrols, routes and old railway lines beware, I will wear you out! I feel like a big snuggley bear that has spent much too long wrapped up warm in a cave. I am done with hibernating, I want to get out and DO things.

The husband, how might I say this politely, is not like me…not at all, what-so-ever. He is much too fond of comfort. Now I agree with him to a point, and we do have our fair share of expeditions, but I inherited the walking gene and there is nothing I can do but pray our children will do the same. The husband, bless his heart, quite rightly asserts that walking should only be done ‘to’ and ‘from’ places. These places can be sights, scenes, gardens or venues, but certainly not “Oh, what do you think is down this path?”

I can think of nothing better than setting off down a lovely looking path...just wonder where its leading to?

We sat and the husband watched bikers go by...he would have rather been there with them!

As you can tell, there needs to be a compromise, and luckily I have a husband who not only indulges my fancies for cake and tea, but positively encourages it. Thus we find ourselves travelling over the Cairngorms for “a nice wee cuppy” (this is purely me, anyone who knows the husband would be without socks due to laughing at the thought of him saying this!). So, this is one of the first tea room ventures of the year…may there be plenty more.

It looked a bit like Spring for a little while at least!