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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

November thoughts

We are in November now! Is that exciting or what? Please don’t answer that!! I am disproportionately excited at the thought of spending Autumn and Winter in our new home.  Although when you have to head out and its dark in the morning and at night when you shut up the library at five it does get a bit much!!  I just want to go home and sleep! 

I am, however, excited that I have a new hallway or room to decorate; I’m excited that we’re making a home out of an empty shell, and the memories will always be ours. I hope that when we have people over to stay they see the love in the house, maybe not the best of everything-I wonder if anything, but they will see two old souls wondering from room to room attempting to ‘fix’ things, attempting to make things and make a home.

We are so blessed-we are so utterly naturally lucky with some things, and one of those things is that very little can please us and make us happy. I LOVE-and I mean LOVE, much more than any normal person should-lighting candles in the porch. I think our new little lamp and our old tatty lanterns are welcoming. And honestly, that’s the only thing I care about. I am proud that I look at our home and think it looks cosy or warm or friendly. I am proud when I can smell the slow cooker with our yummy tea inside. I am proud that I don’t need a great many things in life to feel this way.

Have a great November and week ahead, I hope that you are meeting the new month with excitement of Christmas ahead but also happiness to live in the moment (oh and getting those tulips planted!!)



Laura said...

Wow... that just how I feel too during these cold months... shame I don't live down the street, and we could share a cup of tea on a cold night! Lx

Bonnie said...

Sheila, Like you I love this time of year. Today is our first chilly day. I loved it. Yep! I've got to get to the tulip planting myself.

Sheila said...

That would be amazing!! Im sure one day i will bump into someone from blog land!!