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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Little visitors

A couple of days ago The Husband and I had a lovely time visiting his Mother, when quite unexpectedly our nieces came around. It was a great surprise as I really miss spending time with little Emma, who I used to baby-sit when The Husband and I first started dating, and I never seem to get enough time with the new baby in the family, Keira.  I do have lots and lots of pictures of the little ones, but i don't want to pop any up on here just yet.  I'd much rather wait until they are a teensy bit older, and then I can show them off like crazy!!  Although both Mums did say it would be O.K. I want to be really selfish and keep them all to myself.

Keira and her gorgeous Mummy came around first to say hello, I must say that Keira is the happiest, best behaved baby I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I’ve only heard her upset once, and she does the cutest little bag puss yawn when she is sleepy! After that she just snoozes away quite happily!! So after The Husband and I argued over who was going to hold her first we were quite the thing for a couple of hours, shaking hands, kissing her head and singing songs kept us-if not Keira-entertained!

Little Emma popped round and had us in stitches when she started telling her little stories. She had been to the showies a couple of days earlier and was still buzzing from the penny slots and pretend fire engine!

I am now starting to think The Husband and I are lucky to have this time with the little ones, but we still get to go home and out to our local for a Pub Lunch if we want! I think this especially after hearing all of the talking toys-I honestly hope its quite normal not to have these, as I won’t want these anywhere near our home when we are blessed! They are so noisy, constantly chattering away in the oddest accents, maybe when we are blessed I will be quite happy to throw these things in our child’s general direction…anything to keep them amused!!

All in all it was a lovely day and really great fun to get to catch up with so many people at once. I cant wait to have our home buzzing with the children of all our visitors, as we’ve never had a garden of our own before, and we are now so close to the beach and I'm sure Emma will agree that there would be many a pretty shell to collect there!!  I really can not wait to start reading stories to Keira, lots and lots of Princess, Fairy stories, any stories, I just want to fill the heads of all children with make believe and fun! 
Bye for now,

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wedding Season? It's all the time!

In three months time The Husband and I are going to be celebrating our Two Year Anniversary. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the first steps and we will just keep going until we are very old and very grey! Also, it really doesn’t take much for me to plan a celebration-so I am super, super excited. That is a long way away really though, and not really where I was meant to be going…. (I get like that, don’t I?)

Anyway, although we’ve been married for a good while now, I must confess I'm still in love with the whole magical ‘planning a wedding’ stage. I love to hear about weddings, about decorations, about all the pretty things. Yes, I love the stories of marriages, but the best things about a marriage are all the secret things, or the stuff nobody else ‘gets’…so I don’t think its shallow to still love all the loveliness and prettiness of wedding ceremonies and receptions.

I promise I don’t stick my nose in, and I promise that I’m always interested in what makes each persons day special, I can remember too many people wanting to stick their noses in during the run up to our wedding to get judgemental!!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Jolly Holidays

Mr HH, a.k.a. The Husband, and I are on our holidays at the moment and are therefore spending copious amounts of time lazing around, visiting the beach, and eating things that are generally not very good for us. We have visited Peterhead on a number of occasions as this is now our nearest town and the place to head for food etc. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many lovely shops there are hiding away there. I was a bit worried about the move to the country side at first as I didn’t want to be totally isolated and not have any nice food/independent shops around me. I shouldn’t have worried at all, I feel like I should have plundered these shops much earlier!

Another very exciting find is the amount of tearooms I have seen while wondering around the pedestrianised streets-a very welcome change to the busy roads in Aberdeen City! It does make me want to spend longer shopping when it’s not as cramped up on the pavements. I can’t wait to properly visit any one of these lovely tea rooms and keep a little note of my visit there!! They look so quaint and beautiful; I was defiantly born an old lady!

Meanwhile, at home, the boxes are as bad as ever and I am still in the process of unpacking them. We are slowly making progress and we are getting more and more proud of our home the more we put our own things around it. This is honestly the first ‘sit-down’ I’ve had today. Poor Hubby has crashed on the sofa after working in the garden all day long…I'm proud of you honey!



Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I love Austen

Everybody needs to escape at some point, don't they?  Well the time has come when I am sick of unpacking!!!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lazy ways and seaside days

The husband and I have had a lovely day out at the beach in the sunshine. The golden, soft sand trickled around our fingers as we grasped it lazily while sunbathing. Daisy dog sat with her ball, wet and salty from our trip into the sea, while the husband simply bathed himself in the glorious warmth. We set up camp at the foot of a sand dune and spread our blanket out and half buried our juice so they wouldn’t fall over.

I sat and watched little children run, work and play; there were families all around us enjoying the amazing weather-a massive departure from the snow that battered us all the way through Autumn, Winter and Spring! The children carried buckets, spades, ice creams and bandy nets; they really were laden down with all sorts of accoutrements, but they didn’t care one jot! They were clearly on a mission as they diligently worked at their castles and moats. Some set about digging their way to Australia while the little boy one beach towel away made a highway for his car in the sand.

Its amazing what children can make toys out of, or how the most amazing days can be relatively free for parents. I had a moment, a moment that comes to me when I am quiet or thoughtful, when I began to picture what I expected of my life when I ‘planned’ it out, six months ago, a year ago, two years ago… By now almost everyone around me knows that I have been wishing for a baby for this family, I wish that I could make this longing go away-but one day it will all be worthwhile and I know that I will be able to nurture the growth of somebody that needs it one day. I hope that I can take that person to the beach and let them play in the sand. Really let them ‘be’ and discover the things in life that don’t cost much, but will stick in their memories forever.

For now I am learning to be complete with what I have, there is a small space inside of me right now that I feel needs to be filled, filled with the love for a baby or somebody to care for and protect. However, my life with my husband is amazing-that is to say when we close the door in our home everything is amazing, everything is at the very least safe and the best it can be for the moment. I am happy with what I have now, and I am learning to deal with the rest. I have my husband and he is the most amazing support, confidant and best friend-I would pick him again and again as my own, and only wish I had earlier!

Sheila x

Monday, 19 July 2010

Getting comfortable

We are slowly settling into the new house. We seem to keep moving boxes around, but they don’t seem to be getting unpacked very quickly. Id set us a deadline by inviting some of my family around, but I think I was being a bit silly!! It’s as bad as ever and doesn’t seem to be improving.

I've also taken on some more hours at work which is very exciting, as I am currently helping some people with their computer skills and running classes of that sort. I am very lucky that I get to help members of the public that genuinely are appreciative of the work you put in. However, just don’t get me wrong- its not always like that, not by an extremely long shot!!

So between moving house, and more hours I haven’t found much time to myself, my husband or generally making a haven for us in our home. The whole idea of moving was motivated because I am a nester and would want to be thought of as a homemaker.

I honestly believe with my whole heart, homemakers have the most difficult job in the world, and although I would find it rewarding in itself, I imagine not everyone would appreciate all the homemakers of the world. So unfortunately it may not always be completely rewarding. I always, always, always tell my full time Mummy friend off when she says “oh but you….and I only….”. (By the way, the ‘oh but you’ is something along the lines of ‘see other people in the day’, as I can tell you public librarians don’t get perks!)

Well, I had better get back to tidying before I really regret my quick sit down and cup of tea!


Saturday, 10 July 2010

We’ve moved!

Well, that’s it now. We’ve moved!! It was pretty hectic and very stressful, but last Friday we moved a whole lot of bags, tubs, teacups and saucers up the road for thirty miles and started to set things out!  There may be a very small clue in this post about where we have moved to....

Im guessing you figured it out?  I make this much too easy!!  It is so very, very exciting, and I am so proud of my new home.  We are very close to the golf course and a short walk from the harbour.

But then again, in a village this small...everybody is 'just five minutes away'....i love it!
It is a very old fishing village, and you can see the nets drying when the boats come in.
I can’t wait to show it off with some lovely pictures, for now I’ve only got some pictures of Cruden Bay, our new village!  I hope you like them!