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Monday, 19 July 2010

Getting comfortable

We are slowly settling into the new house. We seem to keep moving boxes around, but they don’t seem to be getting unpacked very quickly. Id set us a deadline by inviting some of my family around, but I think I was being a bit silly!! It’s as bad as ever and doesn’t seem to be improving.

I've also taken on some more hours at work which is very exciting, as I am currently helping some people with their computer skills and running classes of that sort. I am very lucky that I get to help members of the public that genuinely are appreciative of the work you put in. However, just don’t get me wrong- its not always like that, not by an extremely long shot!!

So between moving house, and more hours I haven’t found much time to myself, my husband or generally making a haven for us in our home. The whole idea of moving was motivated because I am a nester and would want to be thought of as a homemaker.

I honestly believe with my whole heart, homemakers have the most difficult job in the world, and although I would find it rewarding in itself, I imagine not everyone would appreciate all the homemakers of the world. So unfortunately it may not always be completely rewarding. I always, always, always tell my full time Mummy friend off when she says “oh but you….and I only….”. (By the way, the ‘oh but you’ is something along the lines of ‘see other people in the day’, as I can tell you public librarians don’t get perks!)

Well, I had better get back to tidying before I really regret my quick sit down and cup of tea!



Anonymous said...

I'm home all day (apart from walking to the supermarket for food supplies) and I still haven't unpacked every single box... it does take its sweet time, doesn't it? But we had family pop in on Sunday and they said it was coming along nicely, so it can't be all that bad! I have done the whole "moving whilst working" thing and I do not envy you one bit... I hope you find the time to really enjoy your homemaking heaven soon xx

Sheila said...

It is so tough!! We can feel each others pain!!

Its not even just taking things out of the box its tidying up the cardboard and newspapers used for packing, cleaning, trying to find the right place, finding you need more storage etc...!! Its a never ending job. So i can understand that you havent unpacked yet. You will get there soon.