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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wedding Season? It's all the time!

In three months time The Husband and I are going to be celebrating our Two Year Anniversary. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the first steps and we will just keep going until we are very old and very grey! Also, it really doesn’t take much for me to plan a celebration-so I am super, super excited. That is a long way away really though, and not really where I was meant to be going…. (I get like that, don’t I?)

Anyway, although we’ve been married for a good while now, I must confess I'm still in love with the whole magical ‘planning a wedding’ stage. I love to hear about weddings, about decorations, about all the pretty things. Yes, I love the stories of marriages, but the best things about a marriage are all the secret things, or the stuff nobody else ‘gets’…so I don’t think its shallow to still love all the loveliness and prettiness of wedding ceremonies and receptions.

I promise I don’t stick my nose in, and I promise that I’m always interested in what makes each persons day special, I can remember too many people wanting to stick their noses in during the run up to our wedding to get judgemental!!

So with all of this in mind its only normal that I’ve been salivating over all of the beautiful wedding decoration and favour websites.  I adore Not on the Highstreet and Cox and Cox, but ive recently found Velvet and Orange and Blossom which are so full of pretty things I can hardly contain myself!!
Poor hubby, I bet he thought that when our wedding day came around that would be the end of me staring at pretty things for hours and hours....oh well, we're married now, and so there really is very little he can do!!!

Bye for now!

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Anonymous said...

Hehe... we're in full "wedding planning" mode right now and I have to say that although I am over the moon to be getting there, I do miss the looking through magazines and drooling over all the pretty options because right now my focus has to be on the things I need to finish making, not dreaming of beautiful things I cannot afford! I think I will go back to drooling after our own wedding and see what I can come up with to make and sell at local craft fairs to fill my "wedding cravings" :)