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Friday, 31 December 2010

Are you wrapped up warm?

To all those party revellers out there...are you wrapped up warm?
Are you all in party frocks and best new outfits bought in the sales after Christmas time?
Are you hosting a party?  Getting the nibbles set out on the laden tables?
Where ever you are, whatever you are doing and no matter what you are wearing.......have a fabulous time!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Eve

Working on Christmas Eve when you work in a library is never bad, it’s really quite nice! It was a backbreaking shift….ok, I'm telling fibs, it was two hours! But that was the time the library opened, and that was the time the council said we has to close! I was awake by six in the morning and positively squealing with excitement, I waited until half past until I put the radio on in the bedroom and played Chris Evans loud! Bless him, I just adore him so much and he’s the only reason I listen to radio 2 in the morning.
To make it up to The Husband I made bacon butties breakfast as well as a giant pot of tea for myself and some of the Whittards of Chelsea herbal teas The Husband has gotten himself right into! Something in the air made this very humble breakfast a lot more delicious than it really should be considered. Everything at this time of the year is an absolute feast and occasion.
Poor Mother in Law is terribly ill at the moment and unfortunately just in time for our nieces first Christmas. The Husband went round to drop some necessities off and pick up our lovely Christmas presents. By the time he was done I was ready to go after picking up loads of lovely presents from all of the wonderful patrons of the library!
We headed into the bright lights of town and ate at the beautiful Caledonian Hotel and walked to the Panto by the fabulously magical twinkley fairy lights adorning the trees of the park in town. I half expected to see sugar plum fairies dancing about as the whole place was alive with lights and joyous revellers. The cold air whipped around us, but it means nothing to us now, not after having it for so long, and especially at this time of the year. We are much too used to it in this village.
The Panto was great fun and I shouted myself hoarse! I've always loved it and had it as a tradition, and I hope I always will, this was last years adventure at HMT!  Too many boos and screams! I especially enjoyed watching the two darling little girls that were dressed as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Completely overwhelmed by something as silly and as simple as a panto, a relatively inexpensive night out, the day before Christmas, at the same time as Father Christmas is setting off from his home. Beautiful simple things I would like to share with my own children one day.
From there we headed home to sprinkle reindeer dust and get to bed so that we could sneak about filling each others stockings. The Husband made part of a video diary for my Mother who is holidaying in Cyprus at the moment, as she never got to see any of the house decorated for Christmas.
We could hardly sleep…we lay awake picturing the Christmas that was only a couple of hours away. The Christmases we hope to have in the future and the first Christmas in our home. We pictured the most beautiful images of white Christmases and fairy lights until we woke to one ourselves…

So...how was it for you?

I hope everyone had a truly magical Christmas time full of long days where no schedule in particular had to be adhered to, and you were allowed to eat cake-just like Mrs Bennet in the Keira Knightly version of P&P-off your reclined tummy!! Ok, I’ve been rumbled, that was my Christmas time! Over the next couple of days where I will be doing nothing especially important or fun-but relaxing, believe me, relaxing…..I will keep my little online diary up to date and fill it with stories of all the wonderful things that I’ve been doing, when I have been doing them. You see, it’s been a very long weekend full of eating, chatting, lazing around, dog walking and good old fashioned games.

I hope you have all been kept warm and cosy, that you all had a wonderful time over this Christmas period, I hope you are full of excitement for the coming year.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ive got cabin fever!

Snow is falling….all around. Ok, its maybe not a prolific quote, its maybe not showing that I'm on the cusp of a zeitgeist, but by eck it IS snowing, and very heavily at that.

Giant flakes. In the distance it looks heavy and yet when they throw themselves upon the window pane they move slowly, they quiver thinking of their fate on the ground….will they make a snowman by an excited child? I haven’t seen many snowmen so far…where are the snowman building children? (I do hope they’re not playing with a games console!) I'm sure they are just snuggled up reading a book!

Stay safe everyone…its not really that important the vast majority of us get out. Think about it and then leave three hours early!! JUST STAY SAFE!

Have you succumbed yet?

Have you succumbed to it yet? Have you drooled over them yet? Have you been watching any of the TV chefs cooking up a storm? I have, I’ve been recording loads of them, and even though I'm not cooking Christmas dinner this year (not that I’ve ever done it actually), we’re going to my Aunt and Uncles, I can not help staring at those TV chefs-utterly transfixed by the ease they ensure us they rustle up nibbles/three course meals/Christmas dinner.

I've got the books, I love cook books, I love the books that are all about stories telling you why they like certain dishes, how they came to think these dishes up…I adore cook books, but still, I do know that they are all full of dishes a little bit out of my reach!
I hope everyone cooking dinner will do so calmly, and with the help of the diners. I hope everyone cooking dinner has been able to order up the ingredients and has a sense of calm I don’t think id be able to muster.
C’mon people, Chris Evens said it this morning-it’s the last Wednesday before Christmas!! Get excited!!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Is there life out there?

The snow has continued to fall and we’ve been making the most of our cosy snuggled down long weekend. The snow has been on for about a week now, but only recently has it been making a bit of a nuisance of itself! The big thaw didn’t get rid of most of it, so although the snow is gorgeous, it’s the black ice under it that’s been causing most of the difficulties. We were meant to be heading out to a carol concert last Wednesday, but what with the snow and road closures we decided not to attempt to stay in town any later than we had to.

On Thursday I headed out to a late shift at work, but had to get The Husband to collect me, a journey that normally takes half an hour took over two and let me tell you I was terrified. Two lorries jack knifed and caused a massive traffic jam on the only road north.

Friday was a snow day for us both and on Saturday we didn’t bother to head out to my work party. We could have gone round to a friend’s party in the village, but we’d been treading through the snow all day in town, and while taking Daisy out for her walks that we were exhausted. The Husbands friend didn’t make it out of his part of town, so I took a rather extended nap on the sofa whilst The Husband watched some films. Yup, it’s a real rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle we’ve got here!

We don’t know what’s going to happen over the next week, we don’t know if we’re getting out, but I know i’ve got a freezer full of food, a pantry full of tins, and several tins full of biscuits. I hope you’re all heading in the right direction, getting what you want done, and doing what makes you happy.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Will this help me keep calm?

I decided to copy the lovely The Happy Homemaker UK and do a post on 'colorstrology'. 

You can find out about your own one here, all you do is pick the month you were born in, and then the day and it can tell you all about your personality and the colour you should surround yourself in.  To tell the truth i only did it for a bit of fun, but i do like to read these things!

Unfortunately it said i should surround myself in burnt orange or green...em, no!  But these things always say May is the month for creative and chatty people-yes, I'd say that's true!!

Go on and have a go!  It could be better than my one.

Noel's Christmas Presents 2010

Watching Noel's Christmas Presents…weeping…I love it!

A Pause in Advent-Joy

So here we are, less than one week until Christmas Day and this week’s advent candle and post is Joy. Joy of light in the darkness, the joy of what we’re making, the memories and the realisation of dreams, joy comes in a whole host of varieties. Joy of helping others, joy of a quiet moment in a busy week, the thing is we need to grab all the joy we can. It’s the last week until Christmas and I am revelling in every second and moment of the joy this knowledge gives me. I am beyond excitement, I am truly happy staring at glistening lights and glittery ribbons.

I am normally happiest pottering around, but I am finding joy in all manner of things that I am all too aware cause panic to many. This is (and I'm saying this in a sing song voice now) the most wonderful time of the year.

I haven’t been to every carol concert or even a Christmas party. I didn’t want to and so I didn’t. I didn’t give cards to every single person i've ever known, I didn’t want to, and I'm sure people don’t want to bother writing out a card to me if they only met me for a little while in June. This isn’t about getting a whole bunch of cards or presents, this isn’t about having the most dust free home and perfectly hanging garland in the village, its about what brings joy to me and my family. It’s about how I want to spend my time and money. Right now I honestly can’t give my time to everything I should, but to deserving matters I can give money, to some others I can do other things which help. I've been preparing for Christmas since last Christmas, and I still haven’t ticked every box. But I am happy, I'm giving myself over to the things I want to and I am truly finding joy in this!
Have a great week

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Do you hear what i hear?

Ooh we're into our lists over here at HH HQ!!  (That's a mouth full!)  so, much so I've only got some old Christmas pics to show you, these are from last year at the old place, though that does remind me I've got to look these out again!
Now we're onto top Christmas songs and carols!! Ive been playing them non stop since the end of November...you can just potter about and get on with what you need to, but with a little extra music floating around the background keeping things merry and bright!
What are your favourite carols or songs?  These are mine!
  • Away in a Manger
  • Joy to the World
  • Silent Night
  • Ding Dong Merrily on High
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  • Jingle Bells
  • Carol of the Bells
  • Good King Wenceslas
  • Deck the Halls
Carol of the Bells is utterly under rated, but is a wonderfully Christmassy song...yet don't play it when you feel a bit frazzled, it will only make you worse!                           I love this decoration, one of the first i bought with The Husband....look at all those little cards beside the window!! We always looked like we had so many, but the place was so teeny tiny....i feel so grateful that we are in a NICE WARM home now!

Friday, 17 December 2010

In the lane, snow is glistening

It is snowing very heavily here in Aberdeenshire, so much so that the roads around us are closed off, and there is nobody moving in or out of the village…and do you know what that means? SNOW DAY…..and not any normal snow day…THE FIRST SNOW DAY THAT I’VE EVER HAD WITH THE HUSBAND…EVER!

When we lived in the Burbs we never had snow days, I’d had a couple because I couldn’t venture into the country side where I work at the library, but The Husband never had any as he lived literally five minutes from work.
So here we are, snowed in and kept safe and snugly in our own little home. Puppy by the fire? Check! The Husband in the warmest seat by the fire? Check! Me pottering around the house? Check! What a great day this is turning into, I’ve got Yankee Candle Christmas Eve glowing out from under its little lamp sending the sweetest scents into the room and I’ve not got a care in the world…and so what if I did? I mean, nobody is going anywhere, nothing can get done anyway. You’ve got no hope but to not have a care in the world? I love it!
Radio 2 playing, me humming away and getting the house ready for the weekend’s visitor, that is if they can even make it. There is a big party in the village this weekend. The same weekend as I was supposed to be heading to my work party. Seeing as the work party is out, I will be able to head to the village one-hoorah!

So for now, excuse me, I will wonder from room to room. I will be doing nothing in particular, I will be fussing over paper chains, attempting to get started on some baking, and adding bows and ribbons to things already laden with them. Have yourself a merry little weekend, its getting awfully close!!

The Christmas Tree

A be-ribboned wicker basket filled with the presents that are for giving to others outside of our home.  Some presents under the tree and cards from kind people.  Surrounded by loveliness, chocolate...do you see the Thornton's advent calender?  The wooden one from last years sits above it next to the TV...that's the dogs one believe it or not!! Filled with little dog treats!!Its had a few more things placed under it since this picture was taken, i also stocked up on some more bows and ribbons, so i want to show off those....massive meters of fabulous ribbons tying up bags of coffee beans!! Honestly!!  I never mind tying things up with ribbon as most of it is kept in the house and the same ribbons get pulled out year after year!!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Top Christmas Books

My post about my favourite Christmas films went down so well i thought id share my favourite books, you'll probably have most of these in your library and whats even more probable is that you've got these on your own shelves or have read them anyway, but its great to settle down with an old favourite.
I'm not a child...i know, but i do love it!  And it leads on nicely to...
Who can't love this one?  I know I've chatted about it so much, but its great!  Actually, why not include The Chimes?  I love Trotty, but feel so so sad for him too.  Ive never read the rest of The Christmas Books, but i keep meaning to, one day i may even get round to the others, but for now I'm happy with those two Dickens books for Christmas! 
I simply CAN....NOT......WAIT to read this to the children at the library on Christmas Eve, much too exciting, i cant wait to share it with them, they will be so high and bouncing off the walls they probably wont listen, but still...i can dream of reading to my own children one day!! When i have some that is!!
Another lovely lovely book.
Perfect heavenly wonderful book, i remember i first read this in primary 7.  i picked it out on a library trip and loved it then...LOVED IT, I've re-read it loads since then and i think its a bit like all great books-you get something new out of it each time.
Bless, another one for little ones, but i also love to display books...remember this post here?  So i don't mind having these things about the house.  Also if little visitors pop in i can keep them entertained!
Poor little Moley, i get so sad reading about his longing to go home after the visit to grumpy old Badger.  Then the carol singers come along and he feels so sad about his little pantry!!  It is a lovely story.
How could i do this without Narnian Magic?  I love all of the books although i do have to say that The Horse and His Boy is the one i could do without, these books make me laugh and cry in equal measure, they make me see all the joy in the world, but also i still dispair in the very last book for the ones that cant meet Aslans eyes...i love these books, always have and always will.
Lastly i always read The Gospel of Luke, last thing on Christmas Eve.  I know i still have lots of questions, but i believe i will get there. 
Just look at this?!!! Aren't they practically all little ones books?  They are still great and very, very special, definatly nostalgic and very quick and easy to read!...which is always great when you have loads to do.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Do you see what i see?

I've been so absent...minded, but absent from blogging too for a teeny wee while but i want to show off some of our decorations.  This is the decoration i made and started to show off here.  I love it up above my first fireplace!! We had a window over our last one!!
Some twinkly twinkles!! Its much too fuzzy to see properly but quite frankly i dropped the camera and its been saved on the same setting for a while now! 
My gingery bread men!! Kept close together with a scrap of ribbon!  I love these little men!

Ahhh there you are. a stocking for The Husband, a stocking for me, some gingery bread men, candles and a garland!  Heaven! 
I do love Yankee candles and all of their lovely scents, a beautiful little tart burner taking pride of place...especially brought out for Christmas. 
And a little Bertie Rouge...for good measure!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Pause in Advent-Love

Hi there all!! I've been a bit AWOL and i would love to say that its because I've been darning cookies and baking socks or whatever it is people do at this time of year but alas, i have been doing neither!

Although i love this time of year i don't know where the time has went.  Ive not been working and therefore earning loads, I've not fallen into some amazing job or anything, i haven't even got on top of all the cleaning...I've just been AWOL.
Ive quite liked my time doing nothing (and everything) but here i am, back again and wanting to share my third Pause in Advent with you.
Ive been looking forward a lot, I've been thinking about what will come and burning up with excitement.  Christmas movies have been watched, and although still snowed under with all sorts of projects (and actual snow from being snowed in), I've really been up to nothing, but doing nothing i don't love.  The Husband and I have been watching TV, reading, taking trips into town for high tea, talking, and wrapping up presents.  We've had a marvelous time, but nothing i can really put my finger on.  
I hope you are all filled with the most amazing feelings, caught up in doing great things which make you happy and taking time for yourself.  To feel the feeling you need to, but always, always coming back for and full of love.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Little Reminder for the 12th of December

Roll up, roll up for yet another Little Reminder...don't I sound organised?  And yet....!!!  Festive, yes!  Excited, yes! But not too organised myself!
Today's reminder is about airmail..the last one about airmail in fact.  Tomorrow is the last day to post airmail to Western Europe.  So get rushed down that garden path, hop over the gate, skip down to the village center and get bashing on that post office door so you can be the first in the line to get those letters posted!!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Panto Fun

Can you believe next years panto tickets are already on sale?
Its a family tradition of ours to go to the last panto on Christmas Eve!!  And it seems to be the same for lots and lots of families in Aberdeen, and so i need to get these tickets!!

Good job I was online at midnight! wink, wink!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Little Reminder for Thursday 9th December

Toady's little reminder is about airmail!!

Tomorrow is the last day to post to the U.S., Canada and Eastern Europe for Christmas, so don't forget to post that mail!!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Kirstie and Phil's perfect Christmas

Kirsty and Phil's Perfect Christmas
Have you been watching?
Sadly i missed it!  But im in the process of catching up online!! Thank heaven for Youtube!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Another FAB Christmas book!

Who doesn't love Christmas???  Well, OK, this guy for one!!

Although he didn't like it to begin with he sure did change his tune!!
It was really exciting to hear (read) about everyones Christmas books, and what they loved reading or still read because its the most magical time of the year!!  I think (even though its for much younger readers) that i will read this again, while waiting for Little Women being delivered to my local library so i can read that before Christmas too!!  I think i may just go snooping to see if i can find if anyone else in the lovely snow capped blogland is reading!

A Pause in Advent, Peace

Last week for the first Pause in Advent I wrote about Hope. That post was a very backward looking post. I was thinking a lot about what had been in the past year. The transition from November to December didn’t really make a difference in our home. I think that’s why I was very reflective!

The decorations went up on the first of December, really because I couldn’t contain the itch for tinsel and baubles anymore. The explosion manifested itself in a whole manner of handmade things, ribbons, the big tree going up and four wreaths! It put me and The Husband in a completely different mood!
The second candle of advent is Peace. I know that it means a whole great deal in Church and in the wider world, but to me, this week has been about finding peace with what has been. Its also made the think a great deal about last week, and the hope that this coming year brings a great deal of peace in myself so that I can bring it into my home.

I want next year to be bursting with peace; I want to ooze peace and be positive, I want to actually have a go at life instead of waiting for something to happen.

This week I’ve been stringing up some handmade decorations, I am immensely proud of these despite being very aware of what they look like. They are my first makes, and although I don’t want to show them off properly here, I do want to share the satisfaction (and peace) I found in making these.

Peace can come from a whole host of areas; many things can give us peace. I hope that in the coming weeks I find peace where I can and in general try not to stress myself out! (Which is incredibly easy to do at this time of year)  I hope you are all enjoying the season, forgetting the things and people that hurt us, and finding peace in what makes you happy.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Little Reminder for the 5th of December

Little Reminder for Sunday the 5th of December!

Remember to get your airmail to South and Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, Asia, New Zealand and Australia posted away tomorrow. 
Its your last chance....so get on the ball and have it posted!!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

I love...A Christmas Carol

I love, the beautiful book, A Christmas Carol, it is without a doubt my favourite book ever.  Some books come close, as a small child i would read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe every Christmas time, but it is A Christmas Carol that changed EVERYTHING.  Since my first year at University i have read this book without fail every December.  In the beginning it would be because i wanted to read actual literature, as opposed to a history book which i had to read because the exams followed Christmas break.
But then, then it became a ritual because of the actual love that flows through this book.  The love from the characters, and the love that has been poured into it via generations of readers.  I finished this book earlier today and will now go on to read the other Christmas books.  Hopefully i will be able to have them read before Christmas.  Whenever i adore a book it gets read super, super fast.  I realise that they are for much younger readers than myself but i did read all the Twilight books in four days, which is quite fast for someone with lots of work and chores to do!  If i only quite like a book i normally read it at a normal pace.
Just look at the pictures from many different editions of the book.  The one above is lovely.  The ghost of Christmas present sitting opposite Scrooge, the Fezzywigs at the top, and a sprinkling of holly, ghosts, and Cratchits!  I think my favourite part of the book, or at least up in the top ten, is where the shops are being described when Scrooge is travelling through Christmas Day with the Ghost of Christmas Present.  
 Just look at lovely Bob and tiny Tim walking back from Church!  Bless his long comforter.
Scrooge leaving his premises, i have imagined this a million times. 
A beautiful, beautiful book, one that i hope to read for many years to come.  One that makes me sad to have finished.  One i wish i could dive into.  One i wish i could share with children one day, one i want to share with you all.  I hope your Christmas preparations are going well.


Some more little makes!

Another little make!  Some gingerbread men, stockings and a tree or two and a little candy cane!
A smidgen of blanket stitch and some felt!  Voila..Christmas decorations.
Just need to grab some ribbon and we're off!

Friday, 3 December 2010


Oooh a little make!
Ive seen bucket loads of decorations that say Believe, and decided to make one up myself.  I'm really new to sewing, and this is honestly one of the first things I've done.  Ive been meaning to show off some little decorations I've made for a while now, and they're the first things I've ever made!
All i need to do is string them up with some wool!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Only one thing I want to do

When the snow starts there is only one thing I want to do, and that's stay inside reading and warm.  I want to wear my Pj's, dressing gown, bed socks, hair pulled back, no make-up...(aren't i a catch?), and read in a quiet corner.  If i had the sense of smell I'd want my home to be filled with Christmas spices, but as it is when i do have a horrible sneezing fit and catch my breath i can only smell menthol and lemsip!  Poor Daisy Dog has hardly been out on a long walk, she has such awfully short legs, but all the same!!

Anyway, when i do get a moment to curl up and read, with all the blankets over me, i like to read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe when it is cold and snowy outside.  This book, and all of the film and T.V. adaptations which have followed are an integral part of Christmas for me.  The old, old BBC version gets brought out and watched by the fire, just like when i was very small.  The newer film version also gets taken out of the DVD box and played, on repeat as i wonder around our home, catching some scenes, missing others.  The fact that it is merely there is enough for me.  The fact that it is a constant is quite enough.

My Christmas Crafting Reading

Check out this fab book!  Its packed full of the most amazing projects and ideas for Christmas.  Although it proclaims to be green, and it really is, I wanted it because it seems positively thrifty.  My little sewn decorations that I've been trying to get made up for ages came out of it, although they look really quite different, but it has baking ideas, home made present ideas, suggestions for decorations and a whole host of other things.   I only found this one as its a bit damaged and i bought it at the library sale, 50p for hardbacks!!  You really cant complain about pricing like that!