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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Top Christmas Books

My post about my favourite Christmas films went down so well i thought id share my favourite books, you'll probably have most of these in your library and whats even more probable is that you've got these on your own shelves or have read them anyway, but its great to settle down with an old favourite.
I'm not a child...i know, but i do love it!  And it leads on nicely to...
Who can't love this one?  I know I've chatted about it so much, but its great!  Actually, why not include The Chimes?  I love Trotty, but feel so so sad for him too.  Ive never read the rest of The Christmas Books, but i keep meaning to, one day i may even get round to the others, but for now I'm happy with those two Dickens books for Christmas! 
I simply CAN....NOT......WAIT to read this to the children at the library on Christmas Eve, much too exciting, i cant wait to share it with them, they will be so high and bouncing off the walls they probably wont listen, but still...i can dream of reading to my own children one day!! When i have some that is!!
Another lovely lovely book.
Perfect heavenly wonderful book, i remember i first read this in primary 7.  i picked it out on a library trip and loved it then...LOVED IT, I've re-read it loads since then and i think its a bit like all great books-you get something new out of it each time.
Bless, another one for little ones, but i also love to display books...remember this post here?  So i don't mind having these things about the house.  Also if little visitors pop in i can keep them entertained!
Poor little Moley, i get so sad reading about his longing to go home after the visit to grumpy old Badger.  Then the carol singers come along and he feels so sad about his little pantry!!  It is a lovely story.
How could i do this without Narnian Magic?  I love all of the books although i do have to say that The Horse and His Boy is the one i could do without, these books make me laugh and cry in equal measure, they make me see all the joy in the world, but also i still dispair in the very last book for the ones that cant meet Aslans eyes...i love these books, always have and always will.
Lastly i always read The Gospel of Luke, last thing on Christmas Eve.  I know i still have lots of questions, but i believe i will get there. 
Just look at this?!!! Aren't they practically all little ones books?  They are still great and very, very special, definatly nostalgic and very quick and easy to read!...which is always great when you have loads to do.


Amy said...

I love A Christmas Carol. I first read it when I was doing a Gothic Fiction unit at uni and it was slightly depressing to be reading it in January. It's definitely a book for before Christmas x

Desire. said...

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