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Monday, 6 December 2010

A Pause in Advent, Peace

Last week for the first Pause in Advent I wrote about Hope. That post was a very backward looking post. I was thinking a lot about what had been in the past year. The transition from November to December didn’t really make a difference in our home. I think that’s why I was very reflective!

The decorations went up on the first of December, really because I couldn’t contain the itch for tinsel and baubles anymore. The explosion manifested itself in a whole manner of handmade things, ribbons, the big tree going up and four wreaths! It put me and The Husband in a completely different mood!
The second candle of advent is Peace. I know that it means a whole great deal in Church and in the wider world, but to me, this week has been about finding peace with what has been. Its also made the think a great deal about last week, and the hope that this coming year brings a great deal of peace in myself so that I can bring it into my home.

I want next year to be bursting with peace; I want to ooze peace and be positive, I want to actually have a go at life instead of waiting for something to happen.

This week I’ve been stringing up some handmade decorations, I am immensely proud of these despite being very aware of what they look like. They are my first makes, and although I don’t want to show them off properly here, I do want to share the satisfaction (and peace) I found in making these.

Peace can come from a whole host of areas; many things can give us peace. I hope that in the coming weeks I find peace where I can and in general try not to stress myself out! (Which is incredibly easy to do at this time of year)  I hope you are all enjoying the season, forgetting the things and people that hurt us, and finding peace in what makes you happy.

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Floss said...

Thanks for these thoughts - I think that peace in the world isn't really a realistic propect without peace in our lives, so starting with our own life is absolutely right. I've really learnt that myself this last year (and probably the hard way).