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Friday, 17 December 2010

In the lane, snow is glistening

It is snowing very heavily here in Aberdeenshire, so much so that the roads around us are closed off, and there is nobody moving in or out of the village…and do you know what that means? SNOW DAY…..and not any normal snow day…THE FIRST SNOW DAY THAT I’VE EVER HAD WITH THE HUSBAND…EVER!

When we lived in the Burbs we never had snow days, I’d had a couple because I couldn’t venture into the country side where I work at the library, but The Husband never had any as he lived literally five minutes from work.
So here we are, snowed in and kept safe and snugly in our own little home. Puppy by the fire? Check! The Husband in the warmest seat by the fire? Check! Me pottering around the house? Check! What a great day this is turning into, I’ve got Yankee Candle Christmas Eve glowing out from under its little lamp sending the sweetest scents into the room and I’ve not got a care in the world…and so what if I did? I mean, nobody is going anywhere, nothing can get done anyway. You’ve got no hope but to not have a care in the world? I love it!
Radio 2 playing, me humming away and getting the house ready for the weekend’s visitor, that is if they can even make it. There is a big party in the village this weekend. The same weekend as I was supposed to be heading to my work party. Seeing as the work party is out, I will be able to head to the village one-hoorah!

So for now, excuse me, I will wonder from room to room. I will be doing nothing in particular, I will be fussing over paper chains, attempting to get started on some baking, and adding bows and ribbons to things already laden with them. Have yourself a merry little weekend, its getting awfully close!!


Laura said...

Snow days are the best! This time last year we were hit with pretty bad snow, but this year we just have the cold, cold cold... Enjoy being holed up! Lx

Bonnie said...

Being forced to cuddle in this time of year can be such a blessing. Enjoy!