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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Back to normal!!

hy oh why do we have to go back to normal again?
Back to work, back to chores!  Its not even like Christmas was only a month ago!!  How hard is it to think of that?  It is a tad depressing!
 The HH household has found itself in a bit of a muddle this morning.  It turns out my wonderful other half is a wee bit less organised than me and hasn't managed to get all his holidays in order.  We may not be getting our lovely Lakes get-away...however we are living in hope and praying that everything works out one way or another.
I have been trying to get into a cheery spring time mood...
I have filled the house with lots of flowers.
Tulips are my favourite flower-right up there with pink roses...hint, hint for Valentines day!!
Ive also been thinking of all things heart shaped and Valentines Day related!! I am so utterly excited about that much at least...get ready for lots of heart shaped things to come!!


Sunday, 17 January 2010

Is this the start of Spring i see?

Now is this the start of Spring i see before me?

Im so happy to witness the snow melt and the ice slowly fade away.  I adore Christmas, and the onset of winter actually cheers me up.  However, January is a tad depressing.

I love Valentines, and so that is why the next month in the year is redeemed, we then go on to the lovely husbands Birthday month and Easter time.  You can easily see why January is all alone and gloomily not counted with other rainy months!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

It is so cold!

Oh my goodness, how can it still be this cold? Snow covers the ground, little spikes of ice hang and glisten from roof-tops and trees.
We have had snow up here from before Christmas, and it just keeps coming.  Crunching under foot and causing havoc for poor Daisy-who keeps tripping up on frozen foot prints.
The lovely husband and I popped out to Elgin and Huntly for his work. I really just sat in the car and waited for him to drive away before revealing that the dog and I were planning to come along. We set off happily only to find that one of the tyres had burst and we had to put a new one on. I tried to help as much as possible, but I’m never really that good at these things.  While he was at his meeting Daisy and I had a walk around the park.  The poor ducks don't have their pond any more.
Daisy Dog and I had a wonderful time wondering around Elgin in the snow. 
We then went off to get some food before travelling to Huntly where I managed to have a peek into some charity shops!!  I didn't buy a thing as i had some chores to do.  I went in to the bank and had to tie the dog up outside quickly.  One of the wonderful women in the bank went and took her inside though.  She ran around and even got an appointment with the Manager, who was more than happy to see her!!
It’s managed to make me so tired, just sitting in the car being driven around and having leisurely walks.  I dont think i could be as healthy as this Post Man. 

Monday, 4 January 2010

Christmas things coming down.

Oh my, how sad is it when all of the beautiful Christmas ornaments have to come down for Twelfth Night? To be perfectly honest with you my decorations do come down much earlier, but it’s only because the sight of the tree, for me, with no presents heaving under it is slightly depressing.

All of the surfaces in the house get covered for Christmas-so it does seem exceptionally odd to have to start dusting again!!
The advent things get packed away and the normal ornaments get taken out again.
I always feel there is a massive gap somewhere between the decorations coming down and spring time when the house can be filled with flowers.

Luckily DH has already spotted this and agreed to go to the Theatre with me to see The Nutcracker and Pride and Prejudice in the month of January. A better treat I can not imagine! I have never seen either of these in the theatre, and we will be making a night of it and going out for a lovely meal on one, fingers crossed for two, of these occasions. This may seem very dull for some people, but as the Husband and I never do this sort of thing, I'm really making a night of it!!

I adore the ballet in any form at all and I realise how lucky we are to be seeing The Nutcracker as it has amazing reviews. It will be the second ballet that we’ve seen together, the first was in the park. Yes, you did read right, in Duthie Park, on a giant big screen! It was the start of the season and was obviously Swan Lake. We had got a hold of some camping chairs and made our own little picnic with items hurriedly bought from a petrol station on the way there!

It honestly was one of the most magical times I ever spent with my husband. We were mostly distracted by two little girls in front of us dressed up as ballerinas, and running around. Mark got a message sent up on the big screen which said he was having a great time, it was so lovely. It became slightly less lovely when the fog rolled in from the Dee and managed to make us feel wet right through. We did, however, practically make a night of it then too. However, instead of a yummy Italian we had some chips on the way home to warm us up!