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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

It is so cold!

Oh my goodness, how can it still be this cold? Snow covers the ground, little spikes of ice hang and glisten from roof-tops and trees.
We have had snow up here from before Christmas, and it just keeps coming.  Crunching under foot and causing havoc for poor Daisy-who keeps tripping up on frozen foot prints.
The lovely husband and I popped out to Elgin and Huntly for his work. I really just sat in the car and waited for him to drive away before revealing that the dog and I were planning to come along. We set off happily only to find that one of the tyres had burst and we had to put a new one on. I tried to help as much as possible, but I’m never really that good at these things.  While he was at his meeting Daisy and I had a walk around the park.  The poor ducks don't have their pond any more.
Daisy Dog and I had a wonderful time wondering around Elgin in the snow. 
We then went off to get some food before travelling to Huntly where I managed to have a peek into some charity shops!!  I didn't buy a thing as i had some chores to do.  I went in to the bank and had to tie the dog up outside quickly.  One of the wonderful women in the bank went and took her inside though.  She ran around and even got an appointment with the Manager, who was more than happy to see her!!
It’s managed to make me so tired, just sitting in the car being driven around and having leisurely walks.  I dont think i could be as healthy as this Post Man. 

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