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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A little update

Why hello there!

Welcome back to my little corner of bloggy land- where the posts are intermittent and the news is old.  I've been looking through my Singapore posts and getting a little bit home sick for a place I lived and loved for 18 months.  I'm still going through a whole new adjustment period where I feel sad for Scotland and Singapore in equal measure.  Its no good telling me how  lovely Devon is, don’t bother taking me out for a pleasant drive in Somerset, you can’t show me a warm beach or rolling hills or cream teas.  I know its not rational or can make any sense, but its how I feel at the moment.  A little bit sad and a little bit silly.

However, I am trying, I really am. 

So some updates from our household.  I have a new job.  We arrived back to the UK on the Wednesday, I’d planned an interview for the Friday and I started on the Tuesday.  Quite proud of myself really!

We stayed in a serviced apartment for the first month and gave our self that time to get into our own rented place….after a few properties we found our new home within a week!

This has been such a blessing, however perhaps a teensy bit of a curse too.  Everything has been so bunched up together that we’ve hardly had any time to process what has even happened.  Its only 3 months but Singapore seems like years and years ago.  I delight in picturing myself spending whole afternoons reading just for joy, swimming every morning or spending hour upon hour picking ribbons in a market…it wont be happening again any time soon.

So, the job-check, the house-check.  And that’s it really.  I’ll be posting our old bloggy notes for an update, but pretty much everything is the same.  I left the UK baby crazy and a bit cross that I wasn’t going to be getting any fertility treatment outwith the UK, and came back not with a baby but with a bit of calm and peace about the situation.  Daisy dog is doing well and prefers the warm breeze as opposed to crazy heat and we’re now just waiting for some Dr’s appointments for some on going issues.

Things seem to be going well for now and the house is slowly coming together….but that’s a whole other post!