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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

From a Railway Carriage

From a Railway Carriage

Faster than fairies, faster than witches,
Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches;
And charging along like troops in a battle
All through the meadows the horses and cattle:
All of the sights of the hill and the plain
Fly as thick as driving rain;
And ever again, in the wink of an eye,
Painted stations whistle by.
Here is a child who clambers and scrambles,
All by himself and gathering brambles;
Here is a tramp who stands and gazes;
And here is the green for stringing the daisies!
Here is a cart runaway in the road
Lumping along with man and load;
And here is a mill, and there is a river:
Each a glimpse and gone forever!

- Robert Louis Stevenson
This is our old station, i think i took this picture I went away by myself for the first time.  I was exceptionally grown up and heading away for a Cadet related thing and had to travel down to Wales.  Now where this car park used to be is a very large coffee shop and some more shops, its a very big shopping mall and is probably much nicer to wonder around while waiting for the train to get going!

We're getting closer to our departure and we just can't wait to be away from the fuss, the rotten old weather we've been having and the day to day grind.  Summer this year hasn't been that great, we've had an awful lot of 'rubbish' thrown in our way and wading through it gets a bit tough after a while.  So to get away from it for two lovely weeks-and not to mention see my family-is going to be great.
We'll rise early one morning to get the train to our airport, we'll stock up on lots of coffee and lots and lots of sandwiches and nice little snack things and head off on our own teeny tiny adventure.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Edinburgh Love

When we went to Edinburgh an awful long time ago The Husband had to go off to work and Daisy Dog and I got to go exploring....
 This is just a car park...its the car park right below Arthurs Seat and across from Holyrood Palace and Parliament, therefore, much more exciting than just a car park! 
Up, up, up we go all the way to the top of Arthurs Seat!

So pretty, in a busy capitol city, but a place for Daisy to run about! 
Aaaand back down again.  Looking over at the Balmoral Hotel, which used to be called The North Britain hotel...named an awful long time ago after the Act of Union. 
The beautiful palace...just having a wee look in!

Just round the corner, i think i only took this picture because i liked the lamp post!

Our lovely Parliament...um, maybe the building isn't to everyone's taste!

A lovely bookshop, its just round the corner from the National Library...a must see...
I love this city..... 
It's full of so many pretty buildings to look at... 

We had a good nosey around everything, poor little Daisy Dog and me, snuffling and rummaging about everything. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oooh we're back to some good viewing!

The Great British Bake Off!
Back to some very good TV!  Welcome back cupcake envy...

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Edinburgh trip part two!

I've been a bit all over the place recently and haven’t been updating as much as I’d like to. Whenever it’s a teeny bit sunny I go outside in the garden and whenever it’s a bit rainy I make my way out to the caravan to paint and do it up. TH has been a bit ill recently and so I’ve been taking on more of the caravan related work. It’s all well and good but I'm not very DIY minded to its been a massive learning experience.

I haven’t even had the time to update this blog and I’ve been meaning to share the Edinburgh trip TH and I went on a little while ago.

This is my very first little step….so as to ease me back into blogging….will be lots of pictures!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I haven’t been online in an awful long time, I wish I could say it was because it’s oh so sunny outside, but that wouldn’t be the entire truth.

Our family now have a caravan! I posted on here a little while ago saying how much I adore the things, well, TH posted up on freecycle that we wished for one and it was our lucky day.

We found out on the Saturday and were able to collect it by the Wednesday. The very kind owners helped us set it up and TH towed it home!

It was their beloved and with four big kids plus Mum and Dad in a four berth it all got a bit much for them, so there it sat, just a little bit unloved until they spotted our advert.

The list of things it needs is pretty much a mile long at the moment, however we’ve been working away on it and it’s all coming together. It is old, but mostly just needed a good clean, and we’re changing certain things because its our preference, although I have to say that we could have just picked it up and went on holiday.

There are scuffs etc, but nothing major. We’ve already cleaned it down inside and out. We’ve already covered all ‘wooden’ surfaces with cream melamine paint, and the walls are going to be lightest lilac. It was completely gas, but TH has used his skills and has made it all electric, and we’re planning on just putting throws over the chairs for now. I want to get out as soon as possible and I easily grow impatient.

I've been dreaming of trips to The Lakes for too long, I'm telling you right now, even if its rainy we’re going out! When I was very little we’d just call those domino days, as we’d pull out all the board games and play until our little hearts were content. I hardly think it would be a bad situation if we went out and about in the rainy weather anyway, as we could get cosy again in our caravan.

I'm going to be needing a bit of inspiration, so I've been looking at lots of nice blogs, pictures and books!!  I can't wait to get to the fun stuff!!