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Saturday, 12 February 2011

I love...

My CK bag.. Oh bag, how i love thee....um, kinda don't know what else to say that sounds remotely romantic.  I only ever did The Merchant of Venice at school and then we jumped onto the poetry section of English and Communication class and the next thing i knew i was all about Philip Larkin!
Well, i may not know a thing about romantic prose, but i do know that bag-i love you.

And you know what else?  Husband, i love you too...you know me and you picked up on the hints!!  Have a wonderfully romantic weekend, if not full of rose petals and chocolate covered strawberries, then holding hands in the park and a scrumptious supper! 
Do things that are special to you...not Hallmark, cuddle your dog, cuddle your child, cuddle someone....or something you love!!!  We've had a rather poorly pup, so she is being looked after and molly coddled much more than normal...bless her!

Friday, 11 February 2011

I love....

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4
I found this book at a house clearence The Husband and I helped with a little while ago.  I read it...i read it quickly, and then i had to read all of the subsequent books.  Its amazing and i love it, i love it so, so much.  Its one of those books that you wish the characters were real and you could go and meet them.  Unfortunately i didnt read the books in order, and im not sure if i can go back so quickly and correct that mistake.  I loved reading Bridget Jones, so i guess im pretty sold on the whole diary format of books and ive just finnished Diary of a Nobody which is really good too...but quite frankly, nobody can compete with my Adrian Mole!

Weigh in weekly

Drum roll please.....ta-da!!! 2Lbs!! Hooray!!  I'm not at the 'short term weight loss goal' that i had in mind for Valentines weekend, but i am going in the right direction, and I'm walking loads more through work so hopefully its all the start of things coming together.  Not just 'weight loss' or a diet, but it could be the start of changes that i will keep forever more....well, here's hoping!!

Have a great day!

What a difference a season makes

I used to be a bit of a night owl, that is, until I started this new job, I am now a ‘up and at em-bright and early person’ and I think that this change works out well. What with living in our new home and the start of spring peeping at me –hidden for too long underneath the frost- that this is the perfect time for change. Change of the seasons, a change for me, and overall-a big change in our home. The change in sleeping patterns has come on really slowly, after a couple of days where I woke up at 4 thinking I was going to sleep in for my 6.15 alarm call I’ve really settled into my new routine.
Poor Husband and pup have had to fall into line too, but The Husband has just started a completely new job too, and one of the best things for him…and possibley worst for me, is that he is away an awful lot. Its very exciting that he gets to visit Australia and a whole host of other places on the other side of the world, but one, it knocks his sleeping patterns all over the place, and two….the great big problem is that I miss him, and generally find it difficult to sleep.
So getting off to bed early with big plans still whirring about my head is an ok way to deal with things, and that’s how I'm going about it at the moment. It does mean that I instinctively wake up bright and early AND I get to see the sunrise…magical. I love waking up and listening to the wonderful Chris Evans on Radio 2, I love making a giant pot of tea to trip back and forth to while getting ready. I love taking the short walk with the pup to the shop for my paper and still trodding on the frost from the night. I love the difference waking at a different hour makes. I love looking forward to spring, and I love thinking of the possibilities that can come from this year.
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Where's the week gone?

What a time has went by and how i have been ignoring all life in blogland.  I have, however, been awfully busy.  That's why i couldn't  post about any weight...ahem, loss?  I haven't had any weight loss at all, but i didn't post because of me putting on 1lb (hangs head in shame)....I'm too bad, but i didn't hide away and not post because of that, i haven't posted because I've been working away....AT MY NEW JOB.

Not a very exciting job, but a job all the same.  I still work at the library, but as i was only doing that part time, and as i have a magazine habit (not to mention CK habit, shopping habit...any other naughty costly shopping related habits there could be), i needed some more cold hard cash!!  So I've gone and got myself a part time job at one of those giant emporiums that are quite literally taking over the world..yup, I'm a lowly drone for some shop...but hey-it keep my family better of and my home warm!! Oh my goodness, and we need a warm home-the snow has started up again....its been a long winter!