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Monday, 7 February 2011

Where's the week gone?

What a time has went by and how i have been ignoring all life in blogland.  I have, however, been awfully busy.  That's why i couldn't  post about any weight...ahem, loss?  I haven't had any weight loss at all, but i didn't post because of me putting on 1lb (hangs head in shame)....I'm too bad, but i didn't hide away and not post because of that, i haven't posted because I've been working away....AT MY NEW JOB.

Not a very exciting job, but a job all the same.  I still work at the library, but as i was only doing that part time, and as i have a magazine habit (not to mention CK habit, shopping habit...any other naughty costly shopping related habits there could be), i needed some more cold hard cash!!  So I've gone and got myself a part time job at one of those giant emporiums that are quite literally taking over the world..yup, I'm a lowly drone for some shop...but hey-it keep my family better of and my home warm!! Oh my goodness, and we need a warm home-the snow has started up again....its been a long winter!

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