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Sunday, 14 November 2010

My favourite Chrismas films

There are a great many things that happen in the run up to Christmas which each family claims is a tradition and makes them know that Christmas is coming.  Mine is that I need to look out certain Christmas films and start watching them way...way ahead of time.  These are probably only a small selection of films which I 'approve' of during the festive season...as quite frankly there are a whole host of others including Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang and Narnian classics.

These are in no particular order and just added to this list as I saw fit, however you have to agree, if there were a proper list this would have to be at the top!  Everyone knows and most likely loves this film.

I adore this film, over the top and just the way I like it at Christmas.

The Polar Express is great, I even bought some little bells from the Haddo Christmas Fair last weekend and claimed I could hear the ringing as it was Christmassy!  The Husband didn't know what the heck I was going on about!

Perfect, perfect, wonderful Christmas film.  Truly a snoozey Sunday in December film.

Tim Allen, what are you doing in this list again?  Oh yes, I remember!  This film made Christmas when I was growing up.  Its one of the first Christmassy films I remember watching after my own parents divorced and I remember quite liking that you got a wonderful film where a Mummy and Daddy didn't live together in it!  I do love all of the films where things are picture perfect, but you have to admit that would be an unattainable goal for little souls to get their heads around...I much prefer films where things go a little wrong and people learn to love their lot.

As everyone who knows me will be aware I adore A Christmas Carol in all its guises, but I couldn't possibly list all of the 'nod to Dickens' films there are.  So the one that I just have to watch is this.  Sheer childish indulgence!   
How do I love thee?  I saw this three, count it three times in the cinema when this came out.  I cried non stop the first time with one of my college friends.  In happiness and sadness.  The second time with my boyfriend of the time....Yuk-he didn't get it and no wonder I use the past tense, and the third time with my brother.  Poor Big Brother, dragged along because his little sister wanted to go!  An amazing film, with an amazing cast, I can not picture Christmas without it.

Elf....need I say more?

One from when I was little, still giggle at the thought of a department called Patch instead of dispatch!

Ahhh, heaven!  The first time I saw this it was the newer version.  It was Christmas Eves Eve and I was glittering up pine cones in front of the fire on the big fluffy rug...eeeek, must have been the time of the year which meant I didnt get told to do that in the kitchen!  It is a great film and one to be watched because of the cast alone....trust me.

Ive never seen the original and so I can only say that I love this one, the little girl is so adorable and I love the thought of being able to ask Santa for a baby!

Great film just to see the beautiful locations, and the little tent in the little girls room.

Heaven in a box set if at all possible!  There you have it, I like it over the top, sugar plum sweet romantic.


Jenny at Red House said...

Hi Elf is my favourite! 'Santa I know him!' we say that all the time in our family at Christmas. I also love The Holiday so much! thanks for your comment on my blog. jennyx

bellaboo said...

The Holiday has to be one of my all time favourite movies for Xmas.We often walk our dog where it was filmed..in the village of Shere.They built Kate Winslet's little cottage,especially for the film,alongside the footpath,and I thought WOW!I'd love to love in a cottage like that! The next time we went it had gone! :0)

Wild Rose said...

Hi Sheila,

What a great list! There are so many of my favourites on it too.

Thanks for viaiting and leaving a comment and enjoy some cosy evenings filled with Christmas pleasure.

Marie x

Jackie said...

White christmas is my all time favourite - and a must watch for our family on Christmas Eve in our PJs! Many of the others you mentioned are favourites too. In fact, we love so many, we have already started watching them at weekends...in our Pjs! Think there is a pattern emerging!! Great post x

Foxglove Spires said...

Hi Sheila,
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely words. I love the name Poppy as well, so adorable.

You have a wonderful list of Christmas movies such delights to watch and feel the wondrous season.

Have a beautiful day. xxx

Anonymous said...

I mus apologise for getting so very far behind on blog reading and commenting (I blame the wedding, but I think it has been significantly long enough since then for me to feel guilty for not getting back into the swing of things much quicker!)

I see you've been back and forward to the dr (though not sure what for), so I hope all is ok? I'm thinking of you xx

As for Christmas films... well we started watching them this week and have so far seen "The Bishop's Wife" (Oh I am so glad you included it), The Santa Clause (number 3, for some reason) and Home Alone. We have to start now otherwise we can't fit them all in before Christmas itself. And our tradition is, of course, leaving the Polar Express until Christmas Eve and The Wizard of Oz cannot be played until just before going to bed that night (long story).

Thanks for sharing your Christmas film favourites xx

Donna said...

Oh, I loved this post! I've seen most that you have posted. I have to admit that the Muppet and Michael Caine Christmas Carol is one of my FAVORITE versions! And I also love Love Actually! Have you ever seen Funny Farm with Chevy Chase? That's another one that we love to watch at Christmastime! You are putting me in the holiday spirit! Thanks for the comments on our sweet (hyper) kitty!! ... Donna

Maaike said...

Thank you for the list Sheila! I already love love love The Holiday and Love Actually, so I wrote down the other titles and will see what I can get this December :-). Like your blog by the way! Did you go to the country living fair this year?
Enjoy your week,
love Maaike

Miss Sew & So said...

loving this list sheila!!

Holiday is mine {& i will admit it!! my husbands} fave go to holiday movie...although i think we actually watch it at least 4 times a year together at least!!!

miracle on 34th street is our family *favourite & our best*...every year!
i might just pop onto amazon and grab a copy of *white christmas* now...as it isn't in our christmas collection- but it should me!!

melissa x