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Friday, 12 November 2010

At long last part one of the swap!

This is my very long over due post about the amazing swap parcel from Dawn!!  Thank you so much...i've been posting everywhere and telling anyone who will listen about all of the fab things posted through to me, but here i go again...and then i promise i'll put it to bed!

My camera ran out of battery just as i put it on to take a picture of the beautiful parcel...well, whats a girl to do?  I could have charged it and not opened up....nah!!! I rushed right in!

Yummy..i wish we had a waitrose up this far north!

oooh a pretty mushroom......

a lovely bird feeder....those lucky things..

a knitted pretty.  Very Autumnal!  I wish i had the skill to do amazing things like this!
I need to go about the house finding everything i was given in the swap as when i got the parcel everything instantly found its own place in my home.

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