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Sunday, 14 November 2010

When life hands you lemons....

The drama is over!  Once again I feel calm and as if all is well in the world. 
Isn't it funny how easy things can take over?  Things that do matter, but won't for a very long time?  Things that are completely out-with our control, and we act as if they are our problem that needs to be 'fixed'-as opposed to dealt with. 
I took my own advice for once and decided to go on a walk...a cleansing, fresh air filled walk.  I wanted to see things in perspective and and clear my head and lungs.

One of my favourite walks, I went on it during the nice Autumnal weather, but Winter is well and truly on its way now, and the scenes are so much different.  You should be able to see back to the village, but the whole area is covered in thick harr.  Harr, I think, is a north east word from the Doric language and really just means really thick cold mist. 

I've taken this picture loads of times in much nicer weather, it's funny how the same scene can be seen a million different ways.

A river that has run from the village since the land was created....makes me feel ashamed I've been causing such a fuss over something that will 'just happen', like the river.  The way things are meant to be will just forge their way through life and we'll have to make our own way no matter what's been thrown at us.

The white horses are lashing against the rocks, I suddenly feel very small and insignificant.  It's a good feeling.  Its not very good when you start to feel that you are the be all and end all.  When you feel like the world should stop and mourn with you I guess that's when the problems start.  I like being a very small speck on the landscape. 
In warmer weather we dipped our feet in the water...I wouldn't do that for any amount of money you offered me now!  It's super frosty and I love the feeling of a cold nose and cheeks.  I love it when you go a bit red from the cold...but march on regardless.  You know you can go home and get warm.  Wrap yourself in blankets and be grateful for those things, those very simple things.

Where ever I turned the sea was wild.  The waves got much bigger than I could catch on camera.  Most of the tiny rock islands were completely covered by the sea.

Hardly anybody dared to come out and walk, I think I only saw one fisherman for the entire walk.

I don't know where he would have come from though?

Stinky, stinky dog.....Maybe I am a little glad we didn't bump in to anybody.

She seems happy with herself...simple pleasures working for you then?

It was starting to get cold as the sun was dipping behind the cliffs.

It didn't make the sea want to calm down at all.
Maybe one of the first things I should be grateful for really is that nobody saw me, had I been wearing a petticoat it would have been six inches deep in mud!

As would Daisys

..........................Hence the shower.

So life is probably going to continue to throw some curve balls.....the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. theme tune is playing in my head already.


Flossie and Tom said...

I am having the same feelings at the moment - I know I am blessed in maany ways but there has been so many lemons his year that I fel depleted - its difficult to know how to put yourself back together some times isnt it. Maybe by sharing and knowing that we are not the only one feeling this way we will get through XXX

Amy said...

Daisy looks very pleased with herself x