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Friday, 26 November 2010

The Books

Does it make you a better librarian if you have lots of books at home, or does it make you worse that you clearly didn’t put all of your trust in your own library service?

Children’s books are kept separate, they live in our room.  One day they will reside in a nursery, but for now they are beautiful in our room.
Please excuse the lack of dusting, it really is an awkward shelf to get in about.

Many books picked up for less than one pound.  Too beautiful to sit all by them self in a charity shop.

Books that bring you back to your childhood...no matter how badly a picture was taken!

Some faded, some new, some given as presents, some bought as presents-they just didn't make it out of the house!

Some sitting beside a jewellery box from long, long ago...

Some housekeeping books

History books, all in order...

Just after the travel books in the spare bedroom on top of the piano.

Books about our town.

Living room books live on glass shelves....dusty shelves!  The reference books live together...did i mention I'm a librarian...?

Yet more hidden away, these live behind the TV...generalities then religion..just following the Dewey System!

Ah, literature, these live in the corner..that's the base of a lamp next to the door.  The comfiest chair is in that corner.

Then the cooking books, invariably living in the kitchen...next to the dish cloths,

Oooops, you caught me out of order!

More cooking books.

Ah, these are a little out of order too, not enough room in the children's section, the generalities section or any other area of the house...so plonked on top of the bookcase lives some children's encyclopedias.

Next to any other rubbish i pick up...oh look a hair brush, and some spare change, a spent candle and a copy of a historical document!  All things which go well in yet another comfy corner!

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