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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas Extravaganza Weekend

In the deepest darkest hours of Friday morning we set off for Glasgow with the Mother in Law for the Country Living Christmas Fair. As always we stopped off for bacon butties at The Horn between Dundee and Perth-it is a total institution and no trip South could be complete without it!

When we arrived at the Fair we had a teeny look around and then sat in on the first workshop which was all about gift wrapping. The Mother in Law and I made two ribbons, although I'm probably going to have to take them apart and start again as they were really quite awful…I'm going to claim it was because I was too busy looking at everything.  Jane Means who runs that particular workshop charges over £100 for gift wrap classes!! Can you imagine?  I'd expect the presents to be included!!    
Picture taken from Appleby Bakery
After spending too much money and time we checked in at The Malmaison, had a quick lie down and bath then set off into Glasgow to go to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. It doesn’t take reservations so we had a tiny bit of a wait outside, but quickly got in and was sent down stairs where we managed to get a lovely little booth. We were lucky as the booths are difficult to get, they are hidden away behind the pillars of the basement, but are glass above, so we saw lots of twinkling lights from our dark hidey hole! Unfortunately I left my cousins Birthday present at the desk where part of it got smashed. As it was all gift wrapped we didn’t see that this had happened until it was unwrapped so I felt so bad and really quite cross that I had been so silly as to let it out of my sight. Accidents happen!

On Saturday we checked out and drove into town and parked up so we could walk about Glasgow. My uncle and I nearly went to look at an art gallery, but I decided that there were too many beautiful things in shop windows at Christmas time to miss. We got a Starbucks first to keep us going-The Red Cups!! What more do I need to say?!! We then walked down the street stopping off at Whittard’s, Fraser’s, The White Company and Crabtree and Evelyn. The Husband was very ‘kind’ and kept taking the bags back to the car. ‘Unfortunately’ he kept taking longer and longer to come back, until at last I found him listening to a talking book in the car…yes, that’s right! He gave up and just stayed there.

It wasn’t the money that was spent…as always more than was meant, but the time The Husband and I got to be together. It was a really special weekend, I loved it, I loved it because it was Christmassy, because there were loads of pretty things, but also because we got to wonder around and share so many things. I love weekends away because more often than not you save and save for them, so that when it comes you can just think of doing all the things that are lovely and can help a relationship to build wonderful memories. That’s all anything really is, just building memories, working so you have time at the weekend to build memories, saving so that when you’re off you can build memories….all I want to do is build the best foundation for us, and one day a family. Until then I am quite content to share these things with my husband, and our extended families.

I hope you are getting through the week without the bug that’s floating around.

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Foxglove Spires said...

What a delightful weekend you must have had, I wish I could be in a colder climate to really enjoy the beauty of a cold Christmas, all the decorations and lovely treasure to find.....

Thank you for your most beautiful comment you left on my blog, your words delighted my heart and brought a smile to my face. I am sure you are a inspiring person the beauty and thoughtfulness of your soul shines through your words.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with precious moments and memories to cherish with loved ones. xxx