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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Country Living Christmas Fair 2010

Aren't I a lucky chick?  The lovely people over at Wilderness Cottages were giving away tickets to the Country Living Christmas Fair in Glasgow and I phoned up and got two sent to me!! Quick and easy as that!  The tickets are reasonably priced anyway, and I get a discount for being a subscriber to Country Living magazine too, but as the big blue shop says 'every little helps'!

I am beyond excited to be visiting there the weekend after next and have turned truly evangelical about the cause meaning that I have got my Mother in Law as well as my Aunt and Uncle coming along too! 

Last year The Husband and I went for the first time and traveled to Glasgow and back in a day.  We had to go down on the Sunday as I had booked tickets for a wonderful performance at the Music Hall in Aberdeen called Carols by Candle Light.  It is such a lovely show, but this year I don't think it's running.  Luckily I've got some tickets to see Scrooge which I am over the moon about.  I always read A Christmas Carol every December, so to see a great production fills me with glee!  So with Scrooge being on the Saturday and The Husband exhausted at the thought of the drive to Glasgow we've decided to go to the fair on Friday and have a short shopping spree around the town before driving back home.  

I am so super excited and you know what?...... We've now got a teeny bit more money left for the fair because of those free tickets!! Yes, just enough for a coffee and a small cookie I hope!!  Roll on Friday the 19th!!

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ByMyFairHand said...

Amazing! I'm working that weekend and was totally gutted I couldn't go, Get lots of pics to share with all the jealous folk (i.e ME!) who can't attend!