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Saturday, 4 December 2010

I love...A Christmas Carol

I love, the beautiful book, A Christmas Carol, it is without a doubt my favourite book ever.  Some books come close, as a small child i would read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe every Christmas time, but it is A Christmas Carol that changed EVERYTHING.  Since my first year at University i have read this book without fail every December.  In the beginning it would be because i wanted to read actual literature, as opposed to a history book which i had to read because the exams followed Christmas break.
But then, then it became a ritual because of the actual love that flows through this book.  The love from the characters, and the love that has been poured into it via generations of readers.  I finished this book earlier today and will now go on to read the other Christmas books.  Hopefully i will be able to have them read before Christmas.  Whenever i adore a book it gets read super, super fast.  I realise that they are for much younger readers than myself but i did read all the Twilight books in four days, which is quite fast for someone with lots of work and chores to do!  If i only quite like a book i normally read it at a normal pace.
Just look at the pictures from many different editions of the book.  The one above is lovely.  The ghost of Christmas present sitting opposite Scrooge, the Fezzywigs at the top, and a sprinkling of holly, ghosts, and Cratchits!  I think my favourite part of the book, or at least up in the top ten, is where the shops are being described when Scrooge is travelling through Christmas Day with the Ghost of Christmas Present.  
 Just look at lovely Bob and tiny Tim walking back from Church!  Bless his long comforter.
Scrooge leaving his premises, i have imagined this a million times. 
A beautiful, beautiful book, one that i hope to read for many years to come.  One that makes me sad to have finished.  One i wish i could dive into.  One i wish i could share with children one day, one i want to share with you all.  I hope your Christmas preparations are going well.



Floss said...

Thank you! I think you've inspired me to get A Christmas Carol out and read it to my children this Christmas! It's only this year that they've moved away from having bedtime stories together every night, and I think we could probably resurrect the tradition at Christmas Time.

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Sheila .... snow has all gone this morning so it all looks dreary outside again ..... I love Dickens too and wish they would bring these authors back into schools. A lot of children would benefit from the underlying messages in the stories. Have a good Sunday x

lemonade kitty said...

Hi, it's so nice to meet new friends in the bloggy world, thanks for visiting me. I'm going to have a good nosey and see what you've been up to!! I've just bought "a christmas carol" for my 3 yr old grandughter, Lucey xx

Jenny said...

I remember my delight at reading A Christmas Carol for the first time, that and Black Beauty got me hooked on reading at an early age. A timely reminder both of a brilliant book and a still pertinent message, thank you.

daisychain said...

I LOVE this book too, I must hunt out my copy x