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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ive got cabin fever!

Snow is falling….all around. Ok, its maybe not a prolific quote, its maybe not showing that I'm on the cusp of a zeitgeist, but by eck it IS snowing, and very heavily at that.

Giant flakes. In the distance it looks heavy and yet when they throw themselves upon the window pane they move slowly, they quiver thinking of their fate on the ground….will they make a snowman by an excited child? I haven’t seen many snowmen so far…where are the snowman building children? (I do hope they’re not playing with a games console!) I'm sure they are just snuggled up reading a book!

Stay safe everyone…its not really that important the vast majority of us get out. Think about it and then leave three hours early!! JUST STAY SAFE!


Floss said...

Oh no! I hope my dad gets out of Gatwick tonight! Stay safe and have a happy Christmas yourselves.

Bonnie said...

I am certain all the snowman building children are snuggled in with the best book ever:) Love reading your posts!