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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Have you succumbed yet?

Have you succumbed to it yet? Have you drooled over them yet? Have you been watching any of the TV chefs cooking up a storm? I have, I’ve been recording loads of them, and even though I'm not cooking Christmas dinner this year (not that I’ve ever done it actually), we’re going to my Aunt and Uncles, I can not help staring at those TV chefs-utterly transfixed by the ease they ensure us they rustle up nibbles/three course meals/Christmas dinner.

I've got the books, I love cook books, I love the books that are all about stories telling you why they like certain dishes, how they came to think these dishes up…I adore cook books, but still, I do know that they are all full of dishes a little bit out of my reach!
I hope everyone cooking dinner will do so calmly, and with the help of the diners. I hope everyone cooking dinner has been able to order up the ingredients and has a sense of calm I don’t think id be able to muster.
C’mon people, Chris Evens said it this morning-it’s the last Wednesday before Christmas!! Get excited!!

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