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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Pause in Advent-Love

Hi there all!! I've been a bit AWOL and i would love to say that its because I've been darning cookies and baking socks or whatever it is people do at this time of year but alas, i have been doing neither!

Although i love this time of year i don't know where the time has went.  Ive not been working and therefore earning loads, I've not fallen into some amazing job or anything, i haven't even got on top of all the cleaning...I've just been AWOL.
Ive quite liked my time doing nothing (and everything) but here i am, back again and wanting to share my third Pause in Advent with you.
Ive been looking forward a lot, I've been thinking about what will come and burning up with excitement.  Christmas movies have been watched, and although still snowed under with all sorts of projects (and actual snow from being snowed in), I've really been up to nothing, but doing nothing i don't love.  The Husband and I have been watching TV, reading, taking trips into town for high tea, talking, and wrapping up presents.  We've had a marvelous time, but nothing i can really put my finger on.  
I hope you are all filled with the most amazing feelings, caught up in doing great things which make you happy and taking time for yourself.  To feel the feeling you need to, but always, always coming back for and full of love.


Floss said...

Yes! Thanks for the reminder.

Jenny said...

Sounds like you are enjoying some pre Christmas peace, possibly enforced by the dreadful weather but why not.