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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

We ARE moving!

It is with much excitement and trepidation that I can announce we are moving house!! Excitement because it is much bigger than where we reside in the burbs at the moment, but utter fear and confusion because I cant believe we have only given ourselves ten days to do this in!!!
Can’t wait to start showing off loads of pictures and start decorating it….I can’t believe it; I have a garden and a spare room! Wow, I'm living the good life for sure now!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Shhh its a secret...

Tomorrow is a very exciting day!! The husband and I are having a peak at a house we may be moving to.

It has been our dream for a long time to move to a larger house, and to do that in this are you must ‘accept’ that a move further North or South is inevitable. Luckily it is also our dream to move further out into the countryside – so no compromise on our part what so ever!! We are so blessed to be in this position and I am so enthusiastic about this prospect.

We are looking at a small cottage in a village quite a bit ‘Up North’; it is by the sea and has a lovely little harbour. It is also quite near a ruined castle and it is well known for all of the walks in the area.

The husband and I have been looking to move to an area that has its own pub and little shops, and quite frankly a really nice ‘feel’ to it, so this place (on paper) looks perfect-and seeing as we’re in a good position and eager to move this seems like a fantastic opportunity for us! Seeing as we currently live in a teeny tiny flat in the burbs I think anything at all will seem like a massive adventure.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high-but to tell the truth, I'm letting myself fall into this completely as I'm happy not to be too focussed on babies at the moment…although if all goes well I'm sure my nesting instincts will go into overdrive in this place!

Anyway, for now I am happy to go with the flow and take pleasure in any little thing I can.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Fathers Day!

Sheila x

Monday, 14 June 2010

I have been..

I have been reading some of my Birthday presents..

Eating big bowls of soup, it really is much too cold, wet and thundery for June…

Catching up on house work….

But still having a sit down with a nice mug of tea (and not feeling guilty for not tidying up the flour that went everywhere after making a cake over the weekend!)...

And going on a long drive and playing with Daisy Dog..

Yes, life is good!

x x x

Saturday, 12 June 2010

I am inspired!

I am completely and utterly inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s ‘IF’. Although I have known of this poem for a long time, it has only recently got into my soul and I would love to memorise it. Although I love it so, I am not too sure how long it would take me to remember all of those lines!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Just when you need it

I didn’t really know where to go from the last post, I was sort of hiding on the sidelines wondering if I said too much, and if I would have upset anybody. When I finally plucked up the courage to peek back onto this online world I noticed a comment from a lovely and kind person (Amanda over at http://meandyouat22.blogspot.com/) going through the whole ‘wishing I had a baby’ thing too. Not only was I extremely touched by this sweet move, but I feel so completely happy to know that I haven’t hurt anybody with my comments, especially as I know I’m not the worst off person in the world.

I would just love to say that the comment really made my day and was like a giant virtual hug!!

On to some other things though….slightly happier...well… I have turned 25! I was sort of fretting about this age as I thought I should have had a full time career, a child and a home by now, but no matter-we had a lovely day!! I got many beautiful and thoughtful presents. My Grama and Mum bought me gift vouchers for a beauty salon (are they trying to tell me something?!) At least now I can get rid of these horrible split ends!!
We got two cakes, one was a set of pink sparkle packed cupcakes, yes there are only two in the picture, but its only because we had a couple to ourselves before i could find a camara!!  The other one was a surprise, i think because the husband had already bought the candles and wanted to light them up-so he had a get a cake that wasn't just pure buttercream!

Though i do have to say, my Birthday was not the only one that was celebrated!!  Daisy Dog had a Birthday 'party' the day after mine!