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Monday, 20 June 2011

Trips away

A little while ago The Husband and I went to Edinburgh, TH was working and I packed up and went along with him. He had found a nice hotel that would also allow dogs which was quite close to the town centre. We packed up one day, jumped into the hire car-which by the way was MUCH nicer than our own-and headed down south.
Although we’ve got family there, we don’t often get to visit, so I was very excited. I always get quite excited when I see the forth road bridge and luckily we got into town and found the hotel quickly.

As TH was working he got himself all set up for some emails and contact with the office while I whisked Daisy Dog away for a little walk. To tell the truth I always like to go out for a little explore when I find myself in a new destination. TH had himself a little nap when we got back and I took myself off to the gym and swimming pool. By the time we both felt like it was time to eat, we were much too late to find anywhere normal, and so we wondered down to The Hard Rock Café for some burgers, fries, nacho’s and potato skins, quickly followed by a giant sundae. It was supposed to be a joint dessert, however TH isn’t a pudding person and I happily devoured most of it!
As TH had to get off to a meeting quite early the next day we took Daisy Dog off for a wee walk and headed to bed. Just a teeny bit squished as no matter how many blankets and cushions we took Daisy had to be squeezed into the middle!

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