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Friday, 3 June 2011

We're hot

The pup is in the porch panting, I've lifted her inside twice, but she crawls back into the warmest place in the whole house and pants....The windows are all thrown wide open and she has a bowl of water with some ice cubes in it in three different rooms...she is doing well, nobody looks after me when its too hot to do a thing.

Everything is so happy that the sun has come out to play, its all so green and luscious.

I think she is soaking in all the heat she can while it is hot.  We had a dog that would have to be dragged from the fire side when he got too hot, so i know that its in their nature.
She hid under the lush foliage of the bushes in the garden earlier this morning, but then collapsed into the sunshine on the patio.  Its too bright to sleep and I've already tidied up the house, ran outside re-potted a whole bunch of things i should have cared for long ago and tidied up the garden.  Now that i feel like closing my eyes in the sunshine i know i need to head off to work and put in another couple of hours!
Roll on the weekend, it is going to be good!


Bonnie said...

Sweet puppy just wants to soak up the rays! I think dogs enjoy the heat more than I do.

dubgirl said...

Our dog is exactly the same, she is a real sun worshipper x