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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My home

I love my home because of its proximity to the sea shore. I love walking out of the front door and smelling the salt. I love knowing what the sea is like before I reach it. I want to know what sort of day it is because of how the air smells.

I like that I can smell peoples fires. I like that there are roses and sweet peas outside of my front door. The window boxes outside the front door and our window are filled with lavender as well. I liked planning those boxes, I dreamed of those boxes for so long before we got them.

It doesn’t seem like much but it can instantly make you happy. I smile as soon as the scent hits me. It’s my home, its how I planned it and I’ve always wanted it.

I think it’s not very wrong to want lots of things, it just depends how you go about getting them and how attainable they are.

I want lavender and sweet peas. I can get them easily and it’s a very good goal to want those. It’s in the same respect I think about little children. I know when I have children I’ll want to give them everything I can, I already want them, and part of the way we run our home is about the planning for children. I will give my children everything-but by that I mean good food, days in the garden and books. Walks down the beach and shell collecting, warmth and hot chocolate. Blankets to make forts with and patience. I will give them tiring days and the scent of sea at bedtime, lavender outside of their window and lots and lots of love. It doesn’t seem like much, but it will be everything I have, and what keeps me going-when wishing alone doesn’t always work, is that I have more time to prepare and gain patience.


bellaboo said...

What a lovely post! The things I remember most,and treasure from my childhood,are the carefree days spent with my family. :0)

Bonnie said...

I think is always best to love one's home. One' home is so much more than one's house. It sounds as though you are preparing a perfect home for your future children.