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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Welcome Summer


 It’s so bright and lovely here right now. I've been drooling at all of the garden posts on the old blogging sphere at the moment.

Well, actually, they’ve been going for some time. We haven’t had the sun that the rest of the UK has had and only now are buds appearing outside. It is most certainly an exciting time.

It's so bright and welcoming, and fills me with hope.  The joy that comes with planting tiny little seeds and then seeing them come up in a variety of leaves dotted all over the garden!
We didn’t have a garden this time last year, and we’ve only been able to potter about for a wee while. I went a little wild in the aisles buying seeds and after a couple of early problems-notably the ex-gardener raking up my first two attempts at planting-we are on our way. It’s a little bit haphazard for two reasons. First the gardener issue. And the second is that I like a country cottage garden look. I didn’t really know how to achieve this and so decided to empty all the seeds I had out into a big bucket, mix said bucket with compost and throw over raked soil! Something tells me Monty Don isn’t shaking in his boots!
The garden is a mixture of grass with various borders around it. One side of the garden had really high bushes, and the part closest to the cottage has great big ugly slabs. The back garden looks to the west, and so the sun passes right over it casting all sorts of shadows at different times through out the day. The back border was empty except for a tree and a rhododendron. I am glad to say that I have changed that!

Their were two other little patches of sad empty soil which I originally planted scented flowers in, however these were destroyed and the scented flower seeds only survived if they happened to be near bulbs poking through or the lavender seedlings. The second chance I had at planted resulted in much of the same. However by the third time I came to planting there I had decided on herbs.

This is the garden last year as we found it.  Lovely all the same, but with much more colour this year!  Sadly the camera died half way through my trip outside to get all the pictures i could and so here we are with a reminder of last year!

Quite a lot of the bulbs are well and truly leafy and I can see little buds, and the bushes are doing all right. I'm a tad disappointed to not find any poppy seedlings as they are my most favourite flower and would have done well is my sandy soil.
I guess time will tell how well things are going. I just want a garden full up of colour and scent. I want bee’s and butterflies to hover around and get well nourished. I want to be able to cut away at whatever I like and bring it inside-even if it does make me feel like I'm robbing nature!

I can’t wait for long days lying in a beautiful garden, The Husband getting the BBQ on, and lighting the fire pit. I love Summer!

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