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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Birthday Presents

Because The Husband was away for my actual Birthday you may remember that i had two birthdays

It didn't mean i got two lots of presents....but at least it means they were spaced out!

No Birthday of mine could be complete without a candle..could it?  I haven't had this one before but it smells lovely.  I adore sweet, sweet scents and this one was worth waiting for.  Im awful at keeping canldes for Autumn and Winter, but this one won't wait!

My main present was this perfume...i am utterly addicted to Amazing Grace by Philosophy and luckily got this perfume!
I got some nail polish, bottles of wine, westie related things and lots of vouchers!  I love getting vouchers as not only do you get to say thank you for being so kind when you receive them, but you also get to tell the person what lovely thing you bought with their kind gift

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