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Friday, 24 June 2011

The CK sale!

When the CK mag dropped through the door a couple of days ago i nearly screamed out with joy!
So first thing this morning i started adding things to the shopping basket...
I've ordered up the little blue bunny for a friend of a friend who is having a little boy.  We have only quite recently met up, and i normally forget Birthdays and the like, however with little ones i think you really should remember, so I've got this and a little bib and booties set.

This is so utterly adorable-and also another present.  Its for my little nephew-his Birthday is in October, but i love this so much and if you have the spare pennies and love it....why not buy it now and put it aside?

Also for my little nephew-his Daddy is a farmer, but his Grandparents on my friends side are both bikers.  I thought i better keep them both happy!

Um, i can't pretend its a present, well, unless you count me?!!  Its a seaside theme and we live by the sea, what more can i say?!

See above!  The kitchen needs brightening up and napkins are a very cheap and effective tool in brightening up any place setting.

OK, this is better, also for a friend, I'm just putting it by until their Birthday roles around.
I can't wait for it all to come through in the post, I am in serious need of some cheering up!  Hmm, come to think of it, i wish i ordered more than one of a couple of things.
Have a lovely weekend.

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