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Monday, 22 August 2011

Edinburgh Love

When we went to Edinburgh an awful long time ago The Husband had to go off to work and Daisy Dog and I got to go exploring....
 This is just a car park...its the car park right below Arthurs Seat and across from Holyrood Palace and Parliament, therefore, much more exciting than just a car park! 
Up, up, up we go all the way to the top of Arthurs Seat!

So pretty, in a busy capitol city, but a place for Daisy to run about! 
Aaaand back down again.  Looking over at the Balmoral Hotel, which used to be called The North Britain hotel...named an awful long time ago after the Act of Union. 
The beautiful palace...just having a wee look in!

Just round the corner, i think i only took this picture because i liked the lamp post!

Our lovely Parliament...um, maybe the building isn't to everyone's taste!

A lovely bookshop, its just round the corner from the National Library...a must see...
I love this city..... 
It's full of so many pretty buildings to look at... 

We had a good nosey around everything, poor little Daisy Dog and me, snuffling and rummaging about everything. 

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Floss said...

We just got back on Wednesday - even though it rained nearly all our time there, I do love Edinburgh. Thanks for your photos - it's great to hear what other people think of Edinburgh!