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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Back to normal!!

hy oh why do we have to go back to normal again?
Back to work, back to chores!  Its not even like Christmas was only a month ago!!  How hard is it to think of that?  It is a tad depressing!
 The HH household has found itself in a bit of a muddle this morning.  It turns out my wonderful other half is a wee bit less organised than me and hasn't managed to get all his holidays in order.  We may not be getting our lovely Lakes get-away...however we are living in hope and praying that everything works out one way or another.
I have been trying to get into a cheery spring time mood...
I have filled the house with lots of flowers.
Tulips are my favourite flower-right up there with pink roses...hint, hint for Valentines day!!
Ive also been thinking of all things heart shaped and Valentines Day related!! I am so utterly excited about that much at least...get ready for lots of heart shaped things to come!!


1 comment:

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Sheila, thanks for the lovely comment :)

Oh yes, it will be so nice to have pretty flowers around again!

Just read all your blog posts and I think your first post was the best first posts I ever read, I loved it.

mel xxx