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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Panto Season

I've just been speaking to my lovely aunty who threw her house open for Christmas Day to the whole family. I was (quite frankly) bragging about my organisation skills and the tickets id already bought for next year’s pantomime. In Aberdeen, where we are, the Christmas Eve panto tickets go on sale very, very early and a rush always ensues for the best seats. It will be Sleeping Beauty next year, which I am extra and especially excited for as it is my favourite Fairy Tale and always has been. My best friends remember that my tiara on our wedding day was from the Kirsty Kelly for Disney range, in the Princess Aurora style.

The panto we saw this year was Cinderella, and it was such a delight. There is nothing I love more than trekking over the cobbles, past the old gas style lamps up to the His Majesty’s Theatre.  I think the lamps are one of the reasons i can fall easily into the magical land of Narnia.
The theatre is gorgeous and evokes lots of memories for me, as I always visited there at Christmas Eve since I was a little girl. I look forward to being able to take our children there one day, and sitting with them on my lap. Seeing their little faces fill with excitement as we tread the same path from the restaurant to the glowing lights, picking up our programme and sweets, bouncing around in anticipation.

I just know that any little girl we have will only want to be dressed in a fairy tale costume and any boy will take it upon himself to inform all around him that the baddy is indeed behind the good fairy!

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