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Monday, 28 December 2009

Post Christmas pondering

Well, what a lovely Christmas was had by all in the HH household! I’ve had the bang of drums (of the band hero kind), the shouts from ‘bop-it’, and the constant dings and chimes of various hand held consoles! This, I will just remind you, is from a home where no little ones live. My darling husband and I have been making all of this noise by ourselves!!

We’ve had a couple of visitors, and we ourselves in turn have made a few visits, but I’ve loved having this time to ourselves. I remember being in Luing this time last year. There was the excitement of Catherine expecting a baby- now little baby Richard, there was tiny little Robert teetering around on his unsteady legs, and there was the excitement of a new year just around the corner.

It’s very odd to think of what we expected to achieve by this time last year. I don’t ever really write it down- mostly as I am certainly the kind of person to run out of steam before March, but I also think its best not to write it down as you can always follow a different path. A happy, wonderful path, but a slightly different one never the less. We had thought we would be blessed with a baby and that I would be in full time employment. However, I love my job-even if it is part time. It is working in a public library, as opposed to an academic one, which I thought would be my dream job. We also are lucky enough to have made the decision not to try for a little one, and so be disappointed by the baby free way we’re going into the New Year.

The things I’m looking forward to in 2010 are my new little Niece by my DH’s sister Nicola. She is ready to pop and we are desperately hoping that the snow clears for them making their way to the hospital when the time comes. On a personal note, we are hoping for our own little miracle to happen this year. We are sure that we will be making steps for having our own baby and I’m proud that we are making the usual promise of being healthier etc… etc…, but we know we will stick to it as we need to keep ourselves in excellent health, especially me as I will be carrying someone who will have no power over all of the rubbish I normally put into my body!

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