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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Too many sweets

I am fit to burst. I've been gorging on pink, red, brown and green Quality Streets as well as various other delights from my Christmas stocking. 
I am very fond of my Nigella style Puddini's!!

Although I love and embrace the feeling of 'plenty' in my Christmas home-decorating with all of the cakes and bakes that I do only encourages the Must Not Waste feeling i was brought up with-and therefore encourages me to nibble!

Little chocolate white mice sneaked onto the cake stand to try out the Christmassy cupcakes.These were made as a chocolate flavoured buttery biscuit topped with white chocolate, jelly holly leaves and icing berries.

I've most defiantly neglected all house keeping duties and have been serving cheese, biscuits, grapes and celery for supper along with the normal accompaniments. I really do know that we all have to venture to the nearest super market or into town for proper food but none of us can gather the strength to go anywhere near any sale shoppers.

In this house hold we simply have no desire to put ourselves through that stress; however I really can understand why some people do it for some items. I understand things for your home being bought at this time, and I can even understand items that are for children, but honestly, I could never wish for say, an item of clothing that much!!  When I was younger I used to work in a clothing shop which would simply go crazy at Christmas time....or should i say, Sale Time.  I have been looking at a couple of things to get my little baby neice which is tucked up safe in her Mummys tummy at the moment-but strictly via the internet!!
We really are missing out though. All of that exercise from ducking and diving, lifting, heaving, dragging, pulling and all the other work involved in shopping this season.

That is why we have planned tomorrow. We will be heading out to Haddo House, one of the loveliest places I can think of. We are so lucky to live surrounded by all of the history, gardens and buildings that we are. Although it may not seem picnic weather, we have ours planned. Soup, pre-buttered up rolls, and another flask of hot tea….ah heaven!! And you know what? If it all goes wrong, there’s a tea room there!
Even if little Daisy will have to sulk outside!
And at very least we can comfort ourselves in the knowledge that the Dog is being as unhealthy as us....
She did get spoiled on Christmas morning...

How cute are these?

They didn't stay around for too long!!

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Amanda and Tim said...

Thanks for popping by my blog, lovely to meet you! I too have been gorging on too many sweet things and my stomach is starting to complain, guess I should be glad I'm back to work in the morning then (as if!!) I'll avoid the sales, especially as we are planning a big move soon, but I'm sure the crowds will annoy me, seen as though I work in the city centre... I guess there won't be too many tourists wanting information though, so a quiet day in the office! Enjoy your picnic, it sounds just wonderful!