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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Summer holidays

Although I am not suffering from any kind of bleak mid winter mood I am already looking forward to spring and summer. I do adore winter, and most definitely autumn, as it’s the season we got married in, I do, however feel utterly renewed and delight in spring.
I love the buds coming out to say hello to all of the baby animals, I love the prospect of visiting friends on the farm, and I love, love, love hill walking. And, seeing as I'm an amateur, a total novice, I really can only venture out in very predictable and sunny weather.

The DH and I have been excitedly scrolling the web for lovely Lake District cottages that accept teeny tiny mostly well behaved pups! We have found a few and as we visited the Lakes for our holidays last year we are quite quizzed up. DH spent a lot of time during army training in that part of the country, and I have a work colleague who has a cottage down there too, so I have a plethora of knowledge to call upon when searching alone. Although we are both extremely excited, it really is normally me who does most of the searching for these things. Albeit, it is me that tends to get excited about events a good six months before normal people would!
Last year we had the most fantastic time eating cake and visiting tea rooms in the Lakes. The only teeny tiny disappointment was that we didn’t quite have enough time to visit the magical Beatrix Potter museum! A very small disappointment in the grand scheme of things even if I do say so myself!

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