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Thursday, 31 December 2009

A New Year

It doesn’t seem that long ago that during this time of the year I would be swatting up for all of my exams. Hogmanay would be the last hurrah for me, and by the beginning of January I would be writing lists of books I should have read during the term, gathering resources and furiously taking notes. The end of summer would always signify a new start, as that was the start of a new term. Instead of New Years resolutions I would claim to my Mother that I would spend twice as much time in the library or start essays when titles were confirmed with lecturers.
Now when i can go out and spend the night dancing i just dont want to.  Tonight i will bring in the bells then go to bed!  Thats it, nothing in between, just some nibbles with The Husband and an early night!

Have a perfect end to 2009,
lots of love and luck in the New Year!
x x x

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