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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Little visitors

A couple of days ago The Husband and I had a lovely time visiting his Mother, when quite unexpectedly our nieces came around. It was a great surprise as I really miss spending time with little Emma, who I used to baby-sit when The Husband and I first started dating, and I never seem to get enough time with the new baby in the family, Keira.  I do have lots and lots of pictures of the little ones, but i don't want to pop any up on here just yet.  I'd much rather wait until they are a teensy bit older, and then I can show them off like crazy!!  Although both Mums did say it would be O.K. I want to be really selfish and keep them all to myself.

Keira and her gorgeous Mummy came around first to say hello, I must say that Keira is the happiest, best behaved baby I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I’ve only heard her upset once, and she does the cutest little bag puss yawn when she is sleepy! After that she just snoozes away quite happily!! So after The Husband and I argued over who was going to hold her first we were quite the thing for a couple of hours, shaking hands, kissing her head and singing songs kept us-if not Keira-entertained!

Little Emma popped round and had us in stitches when she started telling her little stories. She had been to the showies a couple of days earlier and was still buzzing from the penny slots and pretend fire engine!

I am now starting to think The Husband and I are lucky to have this time with the little ones, but we still get to go home and out to our local for a Pub Lunch if we want! I think this especially after hearing all of the talking toys-I honestly hope its quite normal not to have these, as I won’t want these anywhere near our home when we are blessed! They are so noisy, constantly chattering away in the oddest accents, maybe when we are blessed I will be quite happy to throw these things in our child’s general direction…anything to keep them amused!!

All in all it was a lovely day and really great fun to get to catch up with so many people at once. I cant wait to have our home buzzing with the children of all our visitors, as we’ve never had a garden of our own before, and we are now so close to the beach and I'm sure Emma will agree that there would be many a pretty shell to collect there!!  I really can not wait to start reading stories to Keira, lots and lots of Princess, Fairy stories, any stories, I just want to fill the heads of all children with make believe and fun! 
Bye for now,

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Anonymous said...

Oh I know that feeling... one of my best friends came round with her 2 year old daughter yesterday and we spent the whole day entertaining her with my old Topsy and Tim books, the bag of teddies I recently found, swinging around in the garden and generally having a good time. I loved every minute of it, and of course felt that usual tug on my heart strings and in my stomach, but I know that we are just as blessed in another way to be just the two of us for a little while longer.

As for the talking toys... I worked in two childcare settings and I can tell you that you really do learn to block them out: you hear them so often and they just become background noise you don't really notice until the room is suddenly quiet again!

I'm glad you had such a lovely day with your nieces xx