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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Jolly Holidays

Mr HH, a.k.a. The Husband, and I are on our holidays at the moment and are therefore spending copious amounts of time lazing around, visiting the beach, and eating things that are generally not very good for us. We have visited Peterhead on a number of occasions as this is now our nearest town and the place to head for food etc. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many lovely shops there are hiding away there. I was a bit worried about the move to the country side at first as I didn’t want to be totally isolated and not have any nice food/independent shops around me. I shouldn’t have worried at all, I feel like I should have plundered these shops much earlier!

Another very exciting find is the amount of tearooms I have seen while wondering around the pedestrianised streets-a very welcome change to the busy roads in Aberdeen City! It does make me want to spend longer shopping when it’s not as cramped up on the pavements. I can’t wait to properly visit any one of these lovely tea rooms and keep a little note of my visit there!! They look so quaint and beautiful; I was defiantly born an old lady!

Meanwhile, at home, the boxes are as bad as ever and I am still in the process of unpacking them. We are slowly making progress and we are getting more and more proud of our home the more we put our own things around it. This is honestly the first ‘sit-down’ I’ve had today. Poor Hubby has crashed on the sofa after working in the garden all day long…I'm proud of you honey!



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