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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Hooray, hooray, today’s a happy day!

Hooray, hooray, today’s a happy day!
 We have got our confirmation and paid everything for our trip to the Lakes! Well…I will need to save much more, and should probably have started saving much earlier, as I want to take a fair amount of spends for all of the lovely things I know I will see.

 Unfortunately in my immediate area there aren’t too many independent shops, and so I find myself going crazy for them as soon as see one. I know I went much too crazy at the Country Living Christmas Fair last year…but its no good telling me as I know I will do the same this year too.
Anyway, for now, I am much too happy about the Lakes. As our only get-away of the year I fully intend to get very much into it. Last year we were happy campers in the only week that wasn’t a complete wash out. My amazing husband does work right next door to the MET office, but he can take no pride in his ‘networking’ skills on this occasion, only his great luck. He simply announced two weeks before we bundled everything in the car that we were heading away.
Although I do admit I would much prefer it if he announced these things followed by tales of the peaceful bays and sandy beaches of the Med rather than stories of Army days gone by in the Lakes. Well, until I am whisked away on a foreign adventure I will do much more than ‘make do’ with the Lakes, I shall positively revel in them!

I am grateful I feel like this, as it would be so disappointing to only take pleasure in things that cost lots of money as I'm sure I would be in a constant state of dejection and despair. Or as the lovely Sophie Dahl put it-melancholy, oh I do love it when I'm reintroduced to a word! I adore her ‘language’.

Well guys I think I'm off to search lovely AND tearooms OR cupcakes now on my favourite search engine! Bye for now.

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