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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Would you like to see some pretty things?

I bought these beautiful pictures from a thrift shop a little while ago now. Aren’t they lovely? I can never drag myself out of bed early enough - on a weekend where I am not expected to go to work – to go to a car boot sale. If I was assured I would get the same amount of lovely things later in the day I would happily wander around noseying in at all of the stalls, however I am not assured this, or anything of the sort, and so I am only really left the opportunity to go looking around various thrift shops.

This is a really cute Bunnykins picture i bought, i couldn't get a close up enough picture though that would come out all right!!  Its lovely and soft and floaty!

It is normally my plan to go and visit these each Thursday, as I finish work at twelve and I'm free to look around town for a little while until The City gets too much for me. I have got this down to a fine art, firstly I arrive in town and stop at one charity shop which normally has very good books in it, then I walk through the beautiful old Georgian houses (which have invariably been turned into offices), to get to the West End area and all of town which has three of the best shops-and I mean out of all shops- around!

They are positively jam packed with all manner of china, pictures, books, and old leather suitcases-one thing I simply can not get enough of!

On another visit I picked up a beautiful old jar, the kind that penny sweeties would have been kept in. Sadly it’s just OXO cubes now!

I have picked up more china than I can think of, let alone mention, but I will only show you a couple as I would write forever on that subject…and may possibly do later!

Sorry about the lack of ironing!!  I promise i will improve one day...but for now there is china out there i dont own!!
Bye for now, hope everyone is doing well!!!

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