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Friday, 9 March 2012

When i came back...

Hello Blogging lovlies!!  I see that everyone has been super busy taking off all those extra layers of woolies and getting into the Spring-time mood!
I've just been working....and working.........and working, although i really must admit that i love my job, and can't believe i only started in December.
My plans for keeping busy over the weekend have been really good.  I'm pleased to say that i've done 'something' at the end of each week.  Now, im not claiming that what i've been up to is super exciting, or even very interesting to other people, but we've had a grand old time just getting up to stuff, going on walks, visiting charity shops etc...
Now i really must say that i've not been blogging a lot and that for the last couple of weeks i've been meaning to post about the BLOG LOVE SWAP....Ooops, that was a long time ago...i may upload lots of pics by way of apology.
However, i am beyong grateful to the lovely, funny and very talented Pene over at Scrap my Midlife Crisis which is such a great blog.  Now i have to admit that when clicking on links between recent posts and thereby finding this amazing blog i did firstly click because i saw a cute little westie by the name of Daisy (just like my little madam)...but you can't help but stay on the blog looking at the beautiful makes, funny pics and all round 'good banter'!  Now this very talented lady has done something else very lovely.  She has given me an award!  And (drum roll please) it's my very first one!  I feel awful that i haven't been in Blogland for ages and haven't seen it, but i promise you that as soon as i did click on my little old blog house and saw that i had comments i hadn't read i went away and posted this message right now!!!
So thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am very excited, happy, grateful and touched that you even thought of me!

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