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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Last minute shopping

We've slowly been getting into the swing of things in Singapore and getting ready for Christmas too. It's so odd to try to feel festive when it's warm outside.
I'm really glad I got all of my Christmas shopping done before we left the UK. This meant I got to hand over presents before we left....so I got to enjoy the best part, seeing happy faces with beribboned packages. Well, I say *all* but we did have one minor malfunction. We got some things from some super friendly neighbours down the road who I had only gotten some sweets for. This sent me into a major panic and I wanted to show that I wasn't being ungrateful or forgetting how lovely they were.
I don't know what people did before online shopping, but I don't want want to know!
I jumped online and bought some Halfords vouchers from voucher king and was able to relax knowing that I'd just gotten out of a tricky spot! I love voucher king as it's normally my first stop when I want to buy something. I always search for codes to see if I can get a per cent off or free shipping or even a little free gift I can put away, I just don't see the point of turning my back on a great deal.
I knew the vouchers were going to be well used as we always saw our friends out for a kong cycle ride to pick up shopping or just appreciating the beautiful landscape...yup, I feel much better knowing that the vouchers are being delivered for free and I now look super organised.
I may have been in the process of moving to a massive shopping hub but I am never leaving my frugal ways behind me!

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gilly said...

Good to read that you're settling in and not forgetting your ways! You'll soon get used to Christmas in the heat - it's just the sight of shops filled with snowy scenes that used to give me the giggles when it was roasting outside.
Have a happy Christmas and all the best for the new year ahead. Love Gilly xx