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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Oh my giddy aunt, every time I say that I'm about to start posting again LIFE gets in the way.  Busy life, empty blog.  Unfortunately a lot of what kept us busy was loved ones with terrible ill health and then the passing away of my Mother in Law.  It was horrible and all the bad sorts of words you can throw at such sadness and what feels like injustice.  It was awful that family didn’t gather round and it was yet another point of stress.  It was hurtful when people didn’t act the way I'm sure I’d treat them in that situation. 
However, we saw that was the reason we were taken back from Singapore in the grand scheme of things.  I felt happy knowing that The Husband wasn’t having to deal with this with an 8 hour time difference.  I felt comfort knowing that he didn’t have to organise flights and as unpleasant as it all was driving up, it wasn’t a day of no contact and worry for him to deal with.  Most of all I felt overwhelming gratitude that the family that didn’t turn their backs were right there holding hands, turning up to things, welcoming us into their homes, offering help and just being all round good people.  It was a bad situation, it just was, however we were shown such love and compassion that it didn’t feel unbearable.  And when you wake up to the phone ringing in the middle of the night you have to take any comfort you can.

However, good times are undoubtedly ahead.  We have had some great news too.  TH’s health problems seem to have been a massive over reaction by the Singapore health system – it is amazing, but any would be that you pay for.  He’s been given the OK by our wonderful NHS after lots and lots and lots of tests and we feel really happy and confident that everything that can be done has been, and will continue to do so.

We’ve also just taken a major step into being grown ups….yup, we put an offer in on a house and it got accepted!  We’ve already done the home report and it came back right on the money!  It needs work, but its all things we already could see and we feel really, really happy.

So I think that’s us up to date for at least a little while. Well lets see how long between posts I leave it now?!!!

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