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Sunday, 14 February 2010

What ifs....

Life is full of 'what if' moments. 
Sometimes they can make you feel better for what you have and every so often they make you feel worse. 
Yes, you think that it has made you stronger. 
Yes, you believe that you are the person you are now because of it. 
But, honestly, in the moments after that sudden saddnes, thats not what you feel.

I had a sad moment this week.  It made me think 'what if', it made me feel sorry for myself and it was a shock.  It made me even feel sad for who i was for a moment.
Now, now i think back, i'm calm and i really have thought it all over.  I can see it really was meant to be. 
I am lucky. 
I think i am naturally a lucky person, and normally things go quite well for me. 
I dont often feel so down and i am exceptionally lucky that it passed.

Now i am free.  I can look forward with hope, once again.  I will look back at this and be thankful that my life took this course and no other.

Most of all, i am constantly aiming to feel happier within myself-dispite these 'what if' moments.


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