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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hello again

Hello again blogging land, I'm so sorry that I was away for much too long. It seems I have fallen back into my old habit-I do apologise!

I really shouldn’t do this as I know that I adore looking back on old blogs and thinking “Oh I remember that”. I love to get a real feel for things, and blogging is a sure fire way for me to do that. I don’t really keep photo albums and the wonderful other half being the techno genius and first born that he is got us a electronic photo frame that we can easily email pictures to. It’s great as we practically hand our cards like Yuppies-but only so people can send their lovely party pics-as you know its much too hard to take pictures unless you really are in the moment!

It would be great to tell you that the HH household has been all go in this long absence, but unfortunately I can not. The most that has happened is a couple of thrift shop finds and our trip to the Lakes is finally organised…but more of that later!

Well, for now folks I guess that’s all!

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