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Monday, 14 March 2011

Being Thankful

I'm praying for an awful lot of people right now, i am so utterly grateful for all that i have, its only sad that i have taken this time out because of a very unlucky friend and troubles all over the world. 
I'm praying for my wonderful friend who has been hurt by a drunk driver.  I am praying that she isn't reliving the horrible moment when the accident happened.  I am praying that her future is not wrecked by this incident.  I am praying that i can be strong enough to be the rock that she needs.

Thank you for letting me unload!


dubgirl said...

Sending hugs for you and your friend x

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

I hope you're friend is ok x

lemonade kitty said...

Hun, I'm so sorry that your friend has had a terrible accident, keep smiling, I hope she has a speedy recovery, Lucey xx